for so long I thought
oh I need my eggs, meat, fish,
I need plenty of protein,
I need those great omega oils from the yolk,
I need my lentils, coconut oil, beans, grains, cacao it’s all so healthy-

I found out
it’s really not
and NO I DIDN’T need any of these foods,

they were holding me back
keeping me stuck in exhaustion hormonal chaos thyroid weakness adrenal weakness gut issues brain fog hair loss skin problems
I couldn’t focus and was not present with life (well I thought I was, but when I really found my presence – it was like an epic rebirth – into really living, thriving, free and wide awake!)🌈

there will always be fear, worry, doubt around eating differently to the masses,
because of the societal brain washing,

food has been ruined, and we’ve lost our connection to its power and beauty

health in my world has gone way beyond what most talk about in the wellness world,
the misinformation out weighs the real truth,

we’re rebirthing,
focusing on evolved health, treatments, real solutions,
it has no label,
it’s a path to permanent body symptom dis-ease

protein is a problem.

Since eliminating most protein sources from my life, all symptoms imbalances have gone … this has been life changing for my body physically,
but it’s also transformed my emotional and energetic health,
and it’s also showing amazing results for my clients,

when the human body is clean of obstruction it’ll show you exactly what it likes,
and what it doesn’t,

allergic, sensitive, intolerant
actually not,
we’re toxic and obstructed at cell level,
protein feed obstruction,

Now I know what true health feels like,
and what I thought was true health,
at all,
so far from it !

I’ve learnt so much on this journey so far- one big lesson is to never settle for just Ok,
but to go for your dreams
and your ultimate body vision,

If you can think it – you can have it

We’re here to liberate ourselves and live our divine truth in a body that’s fit healthy vibrant and free,

I’ve realized over the last few years,
if we want the health we so yearn for,
then it’s time to unlearn and relearn it all,

I went round in circles for years, trying diets, spending a fortune on supplements (to only ruin and suppress my body – the body doesn’t understand robots), trying every superfood and taking so much of them, and every alternative therapy under the sun,

Did things shift for me, yes they did,
I thought they did, what I found is that through the high fat, high protein (plant-based) fermented foods, love for spice, beans, lentils, rice, bread, occasional alcoholic drink, lots of cacao, and my bag full of supplements,

I had well and truly suppressed my symptoms through feeding my obstruction, thinking I had healed, when actually it couldn’t be further from the truth!

So what I then found, is that it’s not about all plant foods, as some stimulate us, some are highly mucus forming, some are very acidic, some are very high in protein, some are very stagnating,

so plant-based is not where the healing happens, it goes beyond that,

the plant foods are body Loves are made up of earth, sunlight, energy, so when we eat an orange or a tomato of a green salad or a bowel of berries, we’re not eating food, we’re eating sunlight, natures elements- here’s the healing – forget the protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, minerals,
if we eat plants (fruits and vegetables)
we get everything we need,
nature doesn’t miss anything,
nature is perfection for our body as it’s been designed to heal us, it is us.

we are not restricting ourself by removing food groups, the answer is to feed our bodies with the foods it’s deigned for,
not the foods we’re attached too,

so after suppressing my own body for years, when I finally embodied true vitality, it made me question everything, as what I feel in my body now, is so far from what I felt when I thought I was well,
I wasn’t well I was full of waste toxins mucus parasites acid,

now I know what vitality and health really is, and it’s available to us all,
if it’s possible for me
then it’s possible for you

our body is our most priceless possession

Once I gave myself permission to look feel and be who I knew I was here to be, everything changed

so give yourself that permission too,
to be the best you
whatever that looks and feels like
It’s possible Beautiful ❤️

The Body Awakening Ibiza