fruit sugar IS one of our greatest healer

YOU truly get to live the sweet life 

open loving & heal it ALL, right here!

It’s access to FLOW 🍏🍓🍇🍉🍐🍌🍊🥭🫐

Eating the juicy sweet high water content fruits… they contain amino acids, vitamins minerals phytochemicals antioxidants – fruit sugar does not need insulin in a healthy body … we need fruit to heal our hormones and access our true Self. period. it’s a must.

Fruit …

🍉Connects you back to the healing womb waters (Mary Magdalene codes are unlocked)

🍉Connects you back to the mother of all nourishment 

🍉Connects you back to your true Self of unconditional love peace health and harmony 

🍉Protects your brain hormones cells from 5G radiation 

🍉Connects you back to your softness & strength 

🍉Connects you back to the all seeing eye, where you see beyond the veils of illusion of dis-ease, 


Embracing Embodying Empowering 

the truth of REAL food 

and its sweet sweet life!

See sweetness has been abused.

sugar misunderstood.

sugar processed junk of course, we all know is junk!

BUT, fruit sugar is of the Gods, it’s nectar for your heart healing liberation homecoming back to LOVE back to REMEMBERING your magic strength peace as a WOman of the Healing waters of life, that resides in the plants, let the flowers of the waters wash all pain away and awaken the mastery of you, You Are the master.

home to a higher capacity within

to care to love to be with others in unity

It’s powerful 

It’s profound

It’s incredible subtle gentle uplifting liberating

the fruits have been GREAT teachers for me, and I know if you allow them into your life they will be for you too SistAr.

Food is the foundation of life, it’s our most powerful healing tool, as we all do it all day long, it’s a breaking – free an un-chaining a release of the soul – the Christed light within✨

it will either build an acidic stressed dis-eased body, OR an alkaline peaceful healthy body, simplicity is truth 

this process of mucus free lean alkaline eating brings the health you’ve always wanted to LIFE EMBODIED 


you have that power in your hands right now,

to choose- a stressful path OR 

The Path of Peace through purification

no one is holding you back,

 no one is getting in your own way, 

other than your sneaky fear! 

 let love guide you …

what would be different now if you simply got out of your own way and went all in on YOU?

Loving magic & joyous rapture to you Goddess!

Arianna Maria🌹