20 years of real life research in this body it took me to truly understand what it meant to be healthy to eat well and feel embodied 

I’ve been to both extremes, anorexic to 30lbs of excess weight, trying every diet supplement and exercise routine out there to feel well

It was a search for happiness, for how to love myself, to feel at peace, to no longer battle the food cravings addictions and un-felt emotions 

To now be armed with the wisdom and knowledge I have, my research uncovered that we have to heal the emotional wounds (traumas) 

That can lead to eating disorders, weight gain, depression stress anxiety and hormonal imbalances, and keep so many stuck in loops they’re not here for

Having the conversation about your emotions is vital to truly live free in this body, it took me 17 years to understand this 

The quick fixes don’t get health and definitely no freedom, why do we hurry to fix, after decades of degeneration

It takes a process to regenerate, slowly, if you really want to live healthy well free

When I stopped rushing, real healing began and why I no longer take on private clients for less than 6 months, often longer is needed, organs cells regenerate over a period, this must be honoured for health to be regained fully ending the quick fix stress now, it’s another construct of the matrix, making people rush, fear, and never get the results

It’s taken me 3.5 years of deep cellular work, to attain the level of health sovereignty and body freedom I live now, and it’s been worth it all

I love this way of living, I feel so supported nourished alive grounded clear energised balanced and at peace in my body 

it’s not a program, it’s a way of living, a way of living your best most aligned aligned joyous life, totally empowered in your body

YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR WELL-BEING, you decide, you choose, it’s your life

I chose to turn every stone, until I felt the truth of feminine body freedom, and started living it longer than a few days or weeks, but years, here I knew I had truly found what I was looking for …

RESULTS that last.

no more quick fix a little relief maybe,

REAL results, grounded in a way that never goes out of date, because it’s TRUTH

inner peace SELF-love 

creative life-force 

back in flow 

living in YOUR truth

I live and breath this way of living, because it works every time, gone are the quick fixes that don’t give you what you truly want

this way of living, is where me and my clients have found our Ultimate Freedom!

Are you ready for YOUR ultimate freedom?


Women’s Health Specialist.