When I hear people say “eat what you want” it never sits well,
I use to eat what I wanted and I was so sick and unhealthy!

I now do eat what I want, and I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been,
because my cells are clean and only what pure plant food! no more unhealthy habits!

It’s knowing what your bodies needs
It’s understanding this light body
It’s being clear on it’s functions and what this body requires to be at its optimal state,
honestly, this body is meant to be a living breathing paradise daily, and I know for most it’s a living hell

Well this can change, and can change fast, when we feed the body
with the food it can use
the information it understands
and the wisdom
that’s tunes us back into our soul

Heavy mucus forming acidic stimulating foods is only going to cause more struggle

Make healthy changes using more plant foods, feeding the body it’s truth of alkaline foods which is attuned to the human body a base dominant specie

So statements like –
‘Eat what you want’
in a body that hasn’t been cleaned is lethal, this body what’s pure clean food,

but it rarely wants just pure clean food because the body has been programmed through the food industry, with processed toxic foods not fit for this body
of divine light,

a body with obstruction will be easily swayed to eating lots of fats proteins stimulants just like I was for years,
only to suppress the body and not heal it

We’ve been tantalized into believing we need so much flavor seasoning,
it’s the combination of fat and salt which has sent the body crazy and completely distorted our taste buds

the human palette is naturally a sweet clean pure one, after seeing how this can be cleaned healed and reset,
You get to come home to your true nature of pure plant foods
that satisfy beyond anything

this body requires functions to be supported and met daily,
– food combining is very important
– giving the body a break (Fast) is a must
– not gulping liquids whilst we eat is key
– elimination pathways being supported
– breath movement connection

eating what you want or even necessarily what you think you need is rarely what the body requires to do its daily work,

For many years I believed I needed animal protein for my strength to build muscle have strong hair, the same with eggs and nuts I believed I needed the oils in them,
it was all not true

this need and belief is often coming from cellular toxins, and often not from the highest,
the voice of obstruction craving more of what it desires,
not what your vessel requires

What do you crave?
Salt? Spice? Processed sugar stuff? Sour?

I use to crave it all, especially spicy food, and salt, both I used as a stimulants to pick me up to make me feel better inside, this never lasted, and only put huge pressure on my adrenals hormones and gut health,

You get to transform your palette back to purity and live in a body that’s ageless,
it’s a home coming
back to the natural rhythms
of the human body
that is nature

reconnected to the light of the plants,
and reawakening the light within you

We are not this body
But this body must be taken care of
to live your best life
clean it using pure plants
Our true medicine of life
and see the strength vitality
clarity presence
revel itself
so gracefully

Are you ready for healthy change?

Ready to welcome in the power of plants into your life?

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Arianna x

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