For so long I saw everything as so complicated how do I do it, how will I ever get there, 

so in my head – it’s a lie – I had to get out of my head and into my body, the body knows

all the big blah in health nutrition diagnosis testing panels gene dna testing – its non-sense,  

it’s all been mustered up to distract … it’s much simpler than all this 

don’t be mislead by the testing the need for paper numbers to feel like you’re getting somewhere, it gets us nowhere honey, make it about the root cause the terrain the pH

until I realised I didn’t need it, hormonal testing especially- are a false sense of security, 

very inaccurate, when health and getting well can be clear simple and sure 

society the media the deception of disease, dis-ease is merely an imbalance in the water the inner terrain of the body at a cellular level due to acidity stagnant energy obstruction toxins

You’ll find truth is simple, it shakes things up, as we are currently seeing rollout on our planet

my ego was screaming because how can it be that simple, it must be harder, the programming that anything good has to be hard, it’s BS, complex, I need more stuff, testing lots of protein fat

nope, Easy is right … inhale this repeat this affirm this embody this BE this Gorgeous!

and so liberating, when you stop all the irrelevant testing, fad dieting (it’s never been about dieting, it’s a lifestyle) screening doctor visits protein overload fat overload cooking overload stress overload worry overload, urgh, 

I hear you love, I found a much easier way for us!

I know when you return to nature’s rhythms

your hormones balance naturally with ease

remembering your innate power to heal your-Self

through pH plant-food and cellular detox, 

here transformation and health unfold effortlessly, living in your body becomes a super confident healthy dance with ease and flow 

No more seeking, when you find it, that’s it, 

no more frustration as the foundation of absolute divine health is done set solid sure certain, imagine this inner-peace 

… imagine this feeling inside you of absolute satisfaction in your being, ahhh so much peace in this warrior women body of light! 

I am with you darling every step of the way💕

To absolute ease & beauty in this body xx