I had a dream last night that I was showing someone what came out in my enema,
I know 😂this is what happens when you live and breath your mission!

Just finished a 40hr dry fast as part of a 2 week deep cellular detox fruit fasting 100% , and what I saw in my dream,
just came out in my enema!!

Dreams do come true😄not such a pretty one, but actually to keep revealing the amount of waste the human body holds onto is amazing, and to get it out
is pure peace and liberation inside

I’m not even a mucus body type I’m a uric acid body type, but still I have mucus,
as the body gets cleaner and cleaner this stuff can’t live there any longer

this mucus over time and left in the body for years causes – weight gain exhaustion cravings chronic disease and degeneration, hormonal issues and total system imbalance

the toxins we hold onto in our body is the cause to all or symptoms dis-ease struggle pain,
and it can all be shifted out
with plant food!

the power of plants is so
inspiring and freeing, to heal us
and bring health home

I didn’t have to do 2 weeks deep cellular detox, I feel amazing healthy vibrant clear calm peaceful liberated every day since doing with cellular work,

I decided to go further to awaken even more peace and more freedom inside

What are you choosing?

there’s always another level … for us all! wherever you are at,
it’s healable

We don’t need to struggle anymore struggle is over
ease and peace in this body is here

Plants have all the answers and can support you to freedom in this body,

let them in
to do their intelligent wise work on you

Plants are so powerful they can heal it all,

It’s when we focus on removing the decades of toxicity that we see the miracles of this body heal itself and experience the bliss
that is your birthright in this body

it all comes down to the precious plants from our earthly garden,
she has it all –
to cleanse eliminate regenerate and total repair and rejuvenate the body on all levels
wherever it’s at right now.

What symptom/s do you decide today to no longer put up with, and heal?

Ready for your plant based transition and to see how beautiful and liberating the transition can be to experience health and happiness in the body and around food?

If you’re ready to get started,
Comment below PLANTS🍓, and I’ll send you a 30 day plant-food planner I have created for you with recipes lifestyle guidance and a short audio to guide you


Arianna x