I understood abundance was truth, I wanted to be surrounded by beauty joy nature, because I knew living a joyous playful creative free life was my way 

this truth got crushed, somewhere I received this program of doubt, it’s been such a sneaky one in my life, doubting myself my gifts my truth my voice my dreams my different way 

this doubt showed up again, but I caught it, awareness switched fully on, fearlessly looking eyes on

it landed, this doubt isn’t even mine, it was a projection I had taken on, that came from a core ancestral wound, so I shock this off once and for all, and metamorphosed cocoon to butterfly in that moment🦋

I saw it so clear, I felt it deep in my core, this awakening, from doubt to self-belief, to believing fully in me, my gifts my whole-Self

when we make conscious space to unravel these emotions/programs, and see that the doubt fear stress pain is not who we are

you set yourself free to fly high and shine like the star you are, unshackled from the past, fully embodying your authenticity 

what are you doubting right now? 

flip it to believing in you, believing you can lose the weight get fit healthy and feel super confident in your sexy body girlfriend, Yay!

YOU CAN! It’s all in the mucus-free-lean nutrition shift, our TBAR method is set to truly support you and give lasting results, this was part of my mission, to ground a method that truly grounds health freedom

let it be easeful, believe there is away to shift the weight fully and come home 

‘I believe the weight-loss I desire gets to be easeful, and this nutritional change is a joy in my life’

So, are you willing and ready to let that doubt go, and stop letting it hold you back?

Are you a YES to living fully fucking LIBERATED IN YOUR juicy YEAHHHH body Gorgeous? 

let’s stop giving our power away to those nonsense voices in the head, BS medication claims, and choose to listen to the higher self, that says…

You aren’t wrong

Your truth is it

You are an incredible woman with epic gifts

You get to give to yourself 

Will you listen to the wisdom of your body, or keep waiting? 

LIBERATE yourself darling❤️