today I’m answering a few questions that came through on my parasite post 2 days ago.

Why do you think it’s so unbelievable to have these parasitic forms inside us?
We must remember we are all using each other to live out this life, whether that be physically or energetically.

Yes everyone has parasites, and we don’t need to be tested for them, as 99% of the time testing misses them and you think you’re free,
I’ll give you a test here:

Have you ever eaten sushi?
Have you ever drank tap water?
Have you ever eaten mayonnaise?
Have you ever eaten animal products, grains, breads, dairy?

If you answer to 2 or more of the above you will have parasites, not because of the action or food, but because of the environment the food creates,
I can’t say which type but I can say yes you will,
How, why?
🍣Raw fish is a breeding ground for parasites and eggs and highly acidic (I use to eat it at least 3 x a week)
💧Tap water is highly acidic and carries so many microbes and toxins and clogs up your elimination pathways
🥚Raw egg is used in mayo, eggs carry an array of viruses parasites chemicals and heavy metals and loads more
🧀Animal products, grains, bread, dairy are all acidic so feed the body acid this creating a damp inflammatory body that parasites love

Evidence is in you: how do you feel?

Brain foggy
Weight gain
Weight loss
Sugar cravings
Fat cravings
Hormones off
Hypothyroid diagnosis

Do you give your power away often? and without even realizing?
Do you give into your cravings? (It’s not you it’s them)
Do you have dark thoughts?
Do your gums bleed?
Do you get eye floaters?
Do you feel scattered?
Do you get stressed easily?

Hair loss?
Body pain?

Can you focus for long?
Are you motivated?

they cause havoc on
our hormones, organs, tissues, cells

Don’t give your power away to science
waiting till you see proof on paper,
Let me and my clients be your proof, skepticism gets us nowhere!

this is a part of life, we are living symbiotically with our earth and all that lives here

NOW, this says a lot, because if we’re all living together then why do we need to get these out of us,

YOU can protect yourself from these infestations,
by changing your inner terrain,
from acid to alkaline,
mucus to mucus-free
dark to light
a change in body frequency

they drain your energy, power, focus, and healing ability,
and for as long as they’re inside you
they’re releasing their
acid poo mucus and toxins
which then
your body and liver kidneys hormones and cells
have to deal with
if this is happening daily for years decades
imagine the damage and depletion of your cellular health and entire wellbeing,

What’s key to remember here, is that it’s the acidic dark damp environment that attracts them in, not the other way round,

Parasites can’t live in a healthy body that’s alkaline mucus-free and light

BUT first you have to do the protocols to get these things out of your tissue, they bury deep inside your organs, and can live there for years even decades (I removed a 4 foot long parasite earlier this year) this had been obstructing so much of myself, my clarity, alignment, true self, freedom …

To see these coming out
means your body is becoming so clean so light so mucus-free
that they can’t live there anymore,

THIS IS what you want!

eating mucus free and lean
dry fasting (no liquid no food)
Using organic cellular botanicals on/off
Lots of breathwork
Lots of juicing (fruits NOT veggies)
Lots of reclaiming my power exercises
Lots of cellular regeneration
Lots of enemas
85-90% raw
90% clean
10% treats monthly

(this has worked an absolute treat to draw them out of my body, and this lifestyle feels so nourishing, for you it could be different)

BUT let me add, on the right protocol these parasites will start leaving your body after ONLY 6 days!!
but I recommend going longer than 6 days

there’s only 1 way to get these things out, and fully reset your entire body hormones endocrine glands cells down to your DNA and genetic makeup —
is by transforming the inside of you,
into a place that they – cannot live.

Do you eat animal products?
Do you eat grains?
Do you drink coffee, alcohol, tea, chocolate, cacao?
Do you eat spicy food?
Do you eat oils, butter, eggs?
Do you eat bread?

Of course having any of the above in your 80/20 (20%) is fine, I would avoid all dairy though as it’s highly degenerative and leads to chronic upset.

🍉It’s about foods that draw them out
Astringent foods
🍳High fat or high protein diets just don’t create the environment (but suppress)

So if certain foods don’t create an environment to draw them out –
they create a world
to draw them into

And why eating paleo keto even vegetation and unhealthy vegan
don’t cut it on a parasite protocol
or if you want your body to be in a state of real support and nourishment.

So, “What shifts did you feel after passing this? How did you feel different?”

Sometimes I feel straight away an enhanced clarity, focus, energy, strength, presence, joy, peace,

or other times I feel tired for a short while, as you’ve just released something massive out of you and now you need to allow the body to adjust reset and heal,

But always it feels incredible to free the body of these toxic microbes,
and no the body is healing so well,

and this you know,
when they start coming out!

Ari X

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