Do you take your health seriously?

Yesterday I got talking with a mum and daughter in Bogota airport, she was curious about where I had been, and then about what I do

She said;
“I don’t think people take their health serious enough, including myself”
I loved her honestly, it’s this honesty and realness with ourselves that can be a catalyst for transformation,
healing is upon you.

It’s true, people don’t take their health serious enough, most think they can just wait, put it off, mask it, or are told a high fat diet or high protein will help, exercise more and take more high dose synthetic supplementation …

I tried nearly all of this, told by society, magazines, university,
unfortunately this wasn’t truth,
but unaligned beliefs

I masked my symptoms for decades,
I know why a deep deep trauma from my childhood recently surfaced, because I haven’t been numbing my body with fats proteins salt spices synthetic supplements,

I’ve had to feel everything, and I mean everything,

The preparation work I’ve been doing for a near year I know prepared my bodies physically emotionally mentally energetically to surface my biggest blocks,

I could have easily continued eating lots of good fats more protein oils salt caffeine, and from this place I would have continued to numb deep stuff that needed healing witnessing needed to surface,

I feel blessed to have dug deep found my warrior goddess strength to be even more honest and real with my own blocks

I could have easily let this pass by and not believed it and told myself I’m imagining it I’m going mad who do I think I am thinking this or making this up

the thing is, if something keeps coming back into your thoughts, there’s a reason for it, it’s guiding you, it trying to steer you in the right direction, to heal

the safety of a held space to release to heal to be heard to be seen to witnessed is so special, and why I love to hold that space for others too, women to women, this is The Body Awakening Ibiza Tulum March/April 2020

we’re here to guide support and hold each other through these tough times of realization and release to upgrade to our next level

The upgrade that is taking place inside me feels huge because I did the work to upgrade my entire DNA my blueprint and shed the old

Diving deeper then deep with sacred plant medicine
to then follow with mucus free living
dry fasting energy work nature and full integration exercises and processes

I’m receiving a whole new life
In a whole new dimension
So far into 5D
Where love light beauty presence and peace resides always

Inside and out.

We all here for higher heights.

I’m seeing life very differently
each day it gets brighter clearer
more grounded
It’s changing daily.
I’m changing daily.
Change is safe

Love you!