the programming is so deep in humanity, that when you get sick you go to the medical system, and it’s suppose to help you, but it doesn’t it keeps you sick, it’s profit not people it’s keep you sick, not healthcare 

Only once you realize you are being controlled can you change it, medication can not heal anyone, it’s made to keep the body acidic addicted and toxic, I say this not to instil anymore fear, there’s enough of that, but for the truth of our way to true health 

Medication has been one of the biggest agendas of genocide of humanity, you can choose to ignore it, be skeptical, laugh it off as conspiracy, or open the mind up the heart up to truth of what’s happening on our planet 

I stand for justice and empowerment that you can heal anything, it’s all healable with natural medicines, food detox herbs microbials new earth regenerative elixirs that are being created/prepared by a dear friend of mine and his extraordinary team of agents of change 

the solution has never been given through medical system, is anyone getting better, really, honestly? No. why choose to ignore this truth, let’s wake up to the way of true healthcare on our planet and rise up now 

After seeing the hell my loved ones went through with their physical emotional mental health on the toxic thyroid medication, programmed with fear if they stop it they’ll go into a coma and die, yes my sister was told this lie, anything that is telling you can’t heal, 

and passing you a bandaid, it’s a lie to control you, see it for what it really is, through the veils 

I guided and supported my sister @alexaunon to true health, with TBAR method addressing nutrition transition cellular detox purification and emotions, in 6 months we got her off 17 years of levothyroxin medication, which had been causing memory loss anxiety stress SOB and degeneration on her body and mind 

Between the 2 of us we have healed over 30 chronic symptoms caused by toxicity 100% naturally, we addressed the cause and now live absolute free in our body

Medication is a lie

It doesn’t help you

It keeps you sick

Step away from the medical system 

Choose natures medicine 

Choose to empower yourself 

Choose to KNOW

YOU can heal it all

You are free. 

Love you!



Women’s Health Specialist UK.