You wonder why you’re still feeling tried foggy stressed heavy unclear craving foods yet you eat healthy? well what you believe to be healthy …

 Healthy eating has been misleading all down a path of false information, we say we’re eating healthy, but we’re cooking a steak or bacon or eggs or drinking loads of coffee alcohol or eating cake and yogurts … 

Health was this mystery for me for so long, until I got the truth on it, we can’t birth health if we’re feeding the body acid, sounds so simply right, so why aren’t you feeling vibrant energised clear alive free happy confident?

Because we get stuck in old habits patterns, following what all those round us are eating, you don’t want to look different or seem fussy or be the odd one out, so, what’s more important – the way you FEEL your well-being, your happiness, or what others think? 

All the nutrition programming runs so deep, we need milk meat eggs to be strong, we need so much protein to feel energised and healthy, we think if we lack energy we need more protein, or if we’re tried we need to drink more water 

It’s rubbish, the reason you feel this way, is because the body is holding decades of toxicity at a cellular level, when we remove this, then then the body will show you what it needs Beauty!

On this radical journey of self-love I discovered health comes from a clean clear purified detoxed body, cell deep, not eating healthy, eating healthy can’t happen until the body is CLEAN within

So here it is! 

Freedom is you Beauty!❤