I grew up eating everything, my granddad was a diary farmer, so I ate all that stuff, by 17 years old I was a mess hormonally, a nervous emotional wreck, drinking glasses of full fat cows milk for breakfast, butter eggs cornflakes white bread

I had no idea back then what it was doing to me, everyone else was eating it, so I thought it was fine, I followed those around me, plus everywhere I read about food what I saw on tv said it was all fine (I no longer follow those around me watch tv or read fake information)

I did the eat everything in moderation,
pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, aphrodite diet, high fat diet, unhealthy alkaline diet (I went way too alkaline, why I teach getting the balance) to name a few …

…and the guilty regret fear dieting- this is what the diet industry has really been programming! food can be easy and liberating and simply,
it is simplicity where the truth of health lives…

I always thought there was something wrong with me, then I found out, there’s nothing wrong with me, and there’s nothing wrong with you love, I had just been  looking in all the false light fake info, and following others that also don’t have a clue

I had to transform my inner environment, re-member and create a whole new way of eating that returned to nature’s plant rhythms, and feminine living in this vibrant body …

🌿Heal the digestive system for optimal ease
🌿Clear the liver of estrogen build up for clarity and vibrant life long youthful hormones skin hair
🌿Get the kidneys filtering to feel relaxed within
🌿Transform from acid to alkaline for real health
🌿Reset the adrenals to instil balance and calm

Once I learned my lesson- normal dieting fads detoxes don’t work, I filtered out the stuff that’s there to distract, and started to anchor the Body Awakening Living-a lifestyle, not a diet detox fad

What’s your journey been with dieting fads detoxes?

Has it got you the results you truly want?

How do you feel inside your body Beauty?

♥️Love you!