DETOXING THE Vxx, taking care of precious you!

Hey dear ones! I’ve had friends clients and past clients asking me about how to decline the vaccine, or they’ve had it, as worried that if they don’t have it they can’t travel, being split from loved ones 

…and a dear Soul SistAr @pumerspirit said: “I feel you’re the one to alchemize the effects of this Vxx through the work you do”

It inspired me to share this with you…

Firstly, no one can force anything on you, (slide to second image-info on declining with grace) we must all find our voice from the courage in our hearts, stand in love, and dissolve the fear

Secondly, this particular V….. has other agendas tied to it, which means detoxing these highly toxic chemicals out of the body is crucial- they impact hormones energy brain/mental gut liver health all detox pathways — this can be done via cellular detoxing/regeneration/cellular level reprogramming all covered in our bespoke Body Awakening Reset method programs 

(I’ve spent years detoxing vaccine consciousness out of my body from childhood and past travel vaccines to bring my body back to health happiness peace and balance!)

Thirdly, a client of mine is currently detoxing hers out, experiencing feelings of – distraction disconnection, and feeling like she couldn’t breathe… 

I find this so interesting; distracted disconnected can’t breath is everything they are programming through this mass roll out on our planet with masks vxx’s and media drama

Work with these 9 steps to support your body now:

  • Alkalizing the body 
  • Eat & drink plenty of fresh fruits 
  • Get animal/fried/processed foods out 
  • Leafy Greens, spirulina, fresh seaweeds, fresh herbs
  • Remineralizing strengthen anchor radiate light: Shilajit, reishi, berries, dates, 
  • Energy/ Aura protector/cleanser black obsidian crystal
  • Get into nature daily barefeet on the earth 
  • Move awareness TO heart consciousness 
  • Cellular herbs (spleen liver endocrine herbs are best right now as they ground detox and balance the body back to TRUTH!)

your body is strong, you are strong, the human spirit awake to truth is so powerful, hence why what’s going on is going on…we’re here to support each other, to navigate home to peace love balance freedom as a sovereign soul  

Reclaim that inner knowing, find your tribe, connect with other awakened souls, share your heart, open up, heal, detox, face the fear — alchemize it — when you choose SELF-LOVE 

LOVE holds a very high frequency of TRUTH to see all, where there’s LOVE, fear dissolves

come back to the heart, hold each other, see through the heart of courage, it’s time to spiral-like nature, linear has never worked

I stand rooted grounded anchored in LOVE here now always, my love roots are planted.

I stand for #UNITY. 

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I love you!❤️

PS. For specialist support with this reach out privately here, or at x