You’re probably thinking what detox over Christmas, whatever Arianna😅haha so funny this life love, yep I always thought detox was this big hoohar and I had to plan everything and get so much stuff in to do it properly, it’s all such non-sense and unnecessary drama and complexity, when I’ve found a way that changed my whole health perspective, a total paradigm shift it was for me, back to truth – which is simple and easy, not to the programmed mind ofcourse, that’ll freak about it all, but that’s just stories, when I moved through this and just got on with it, freedom prevailed

a little example for you – my detox flow right now, I dry fast daily eat fruit as much as I want drink gorgeous fresh juices and herbal teas and smoothies medjool dates all that yummy stuff most of the day, then in the evening I’ll have a cooked and raw meal combined, being with family yes I’ll join in with the Christmas lunch, or maybe I’ll just fruit fast, I decide what feels good for me in that moment – I’ve shared my wisdom on food with my family so they all on it with health, gone are the days of caring what others think about my eating habits, my health and spirituality are my top values, no swaying here anymore

… this has all become easy and a part of me after doing the deeper cellular work which is what I love supporting women worldwide with as it’s been my ticket to total body freedom and rising into love with myself again! it can be anyone’s ticket out of urgh into YEAH.

I gave up the battle and societies crap around food and health and I chose my way and found the high life of bliss and confidence in this body again! Are you feeling this? Ready for freedom? Ready for the real high life, that is glowing health?

A few 1on1 spots opening up early January to work together on your health vision, anything’s possible here, know this love♥️

Love you!