🌸you must get clear on how you want to feel, and not settle for anything less than that
you must put your needs first, and learn to say NO to situations that you know don’t nourish you
🔥Both require honesty and responsibility
🦄you must be willing to be true to you about what’s going on. Not just the “I’m fine” part of you
😷you start pretending everything’s ok, when actually you’re screaming inside, and you lose connection (I did this for years! it didn’t help!)
🙅🏻when you know you have a date night but you’re tired, we’ll do it another night, and it keeps getting put off (just like your health)
🍓when you try a surface level approach expecting results, but forget you’re uniqueness. Things don’t work out, even if you really tried.
🌈looking amazing on the outside doesn’t matter in the end if there’s no deeper inward connection

💕LISTENING is such an art, and most forget, listening to the body – is the secret to a liberating foundation for vitality and healing

And the most important lesson BOTH have taught me:

Practicing honesty is essential – If you’re willing to put your excuses aside, and step out of your own way, you’ll clearly see exactly what you need, honoring yourself and your needs, you’ll find a deep peace and freedom, as you take action on what’s important in your heart ❤️

The Truth is that

It can be messy but immensely fulfilling and exciting
It may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be when you learn what the root cause to it all is and get clear
It requires commitment, but freedom and fun is a part of this

Don’t over think or over complicate health, it can be graceful and simpler than what you’ve experienced in the past, or what you’re currently making it out to be 😘

If any part of this resonates with you, comment below so we can connect 💕