I’m SO over people saying that you need protein, when the human specie can’t even breakdown protein, you need protein to heal, for energy, for strength, to feel well,

It’s OLD programming and it’s time to ditch it, and reinstall the new program,

I had a comment on a post last week saying;
“fair enough, agreed plant based foods are very nutrient dense but to demonize protein as ‘a problem’ is just severe misinformation. Dreadful statement.”

I’m going to say it again😅

PROTEIN is a massive PROBLEM if you want to live a rich abundant life of real vitality😱🦄

Sorry to burst your bubble, but eating animal protein and lots of plant-based protein is not creating the internal conditions we want inside our body so it can get to work and start healing itself,

protein puts a massive STOP sign up to any regeneration taking place,

🐖they’re all acidic foods that spread acid throughout our whole body
🐖the human body can not even break it down, it needs amino acids, NOT protein
🐖packed full of toxins the body can’t do anything with it, so it stores it in our organs and creates symptoms
🐖they contain viruses, parasites, antibiotics, heavy metals… (foods not even meant for human consumption)
🐖plant-based proteins also cause imbalance, acid and degeneration

And you wonder why you’re still not where you DESERVE to be in your body when everyone’s still telling you to eat more protein – (answered)

On a real serious note – This false belief that we need protein is so ingrained into society that it’ll go on and on and on (if it was what we needed are planet would be thriving on many levels!!)

All across the health field you’ll see it say how protein gives you;
🔥Strong hair & nails
🔥Make you healthy

Or, you’ll hear this(the biggest load of BS)
High protein diets to heal the thyroid, it will NEVER happen because it’s feeding the obstruction which is causing the thyroid to dysfunction,

When, in reality, we don’t heal any imbalance, symptom, dis-ease from eating a high protein diet,
it’s the action the food has on your body that counts,

to create the change and transformation you desire,
the age-old myths have to go,
and here you can find a safe and nourishing path home to your body freedom,

we have to challenge our own beliefs,
not follow the masses,

In fact you might feel very overwhelmed at times with all the conflicting information,

they’ll be days where you’ll want to just forget it all, and continue as you are,

And the stories about “I’ve tried it all, nothing works for me” or “will it even work for me” will inevitably resurface like weeds

So why am I sharing this?

Because healing your body and seeing all these empty misinformed promises and mistruths being sold, totally got me re-thinking the way nutrition, food, health is being discussed and done

✔️It’s about using food to cleanse, eliminate and regenerate, having a clear understanding of the function of the human specie, and unlearning all you know about health and relearning it all, and how you want to feel, not just “I’m eating healthy”

It took me years of mastering nutrition, the human body and how it heals (and investing a lot of time and £££) before I was able to experience the health and vitality I live everyday now, at peace in my body and 100% symptom free,

I would be lying if I said it was easy, that’s why it’s taken be a decade to get here, not by eating food to heal, but by using nutrition to change the way my cells function, which changes the form of how the body is structured and created and how energy is used and applied to repair and regenerate the cells, tissue and organs that make us up,

It takes equal parts of practical and quantum understanding to get to this point, not one or the other.

…this level of BEing and thriving is available to us all…

👉🏻Aligning with the human specie at its core, is a must.

So please, don’t let the big claims fool you, it’s never as black and white as people make it out to be,
it’s SUPER colorful over in my world 🌈

Share this with people who might need to hear it! ❤️