Last year a couple of old school friends (1 a client of mine) was telling me how some other old school friends-who I wasn’t in touch with anymore, we’re voicing their opinions on what they thought about me;

💫I am being too super positive and inspiring and next level
💫No longer was I partying and running away from life
💫I was talking about crazy stuff (no longer was I normal 😂)
💫How can I say the things I do
💫Yes I simply have “changed”

Dear old friends, you’re 100% right- I have changed

🔥I no longer need to use drink or food to ignore my feelings
🔥I no longer live for the evenings and weekends
🔥I no longer feel lost in life and need validation from others
🔥I no longer have jealously towards others that look amazing and are doing amazing things in the world

But I definitely use too.

What I learnt, is that there’s another way to live, and that’s on my terms, not others, to get inspired by people who are doing amazing things in world, and to know that what’s possible for another is also a possible for me too.

And so I got on with making it happen.

When we decide to value our body and health and make it a priority, and step into our light, there’ll always be people trying to pull us down and criticize us,

so often I would have noises turn up, but it’s Ok, you can’t please everyone and not everyone will understand the healing journey,

what I realized is, it didn’t matter if they didn’t understand, because only you need to know WHY you’re following your heart back to eternal paradise (the journey of healing our body – is this)

You’re going to get the naysayers and pessimists when it comes to you wanting to better yourself, live your body dreams, and your most amazing life, because you don’t fit their idea of who you should be based on the history you have

People (maybe some close to you), will raise their eyebrows and think and maybe even say to you “Why do you need that, you’re fine, you look fine to me”

You’ll trigger their own beliefs and insecurities about what’s possible for them because of who you are being in the world and how your body and looks are changing, your vision is coming true and they can’t work it out

When this happens, please, I pray you- Instead of trying to fit back in with their beliefs, YOU GO EVEN FURTHER, TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL, there’s always another one 💓

Radiate even more of the magnetic energy and express your true self.

✔️I stopped hanging out with people that I had to hold myself back with and suppress my true expression
✔️I stopped listening to people’s limited beliefs around money, health and living my dreams
✔️I stopped being friends with people who thought I was “weird” “too much” or “not enough of something”

Instead, I’m living in a body I love, In the best health of my life, I have my dream business, I have total freedom, and I surround myself with people who get me, all of me, the weird, the wild, the crazy, the wonderful, no editing!

It’s liberation- you might just find those peeps who celebrate you, lift you up, support your dreams, share your excitement and love you for making your health number one.