I was lost, unhappy in my soul, sick, exhausted, depleted, hiding the true me, never speaking my truth, always pleasing other, and had chronic hormonal and toxicity problems,

wanting everyone to think you’ve got it all worked out, never accepting help, because “I can do it all”,
thinking that … I’m fine!!

I was stuck in this trap for years,

denial set in,
and you aren’t serving yourself or anyone around you staying in this place (just as I wasn’t!)

you want to feel your best, but you’ve got this inner voice telling you otherwise,

your mind is not you
your mind is not even real
it’s a program stuck on repeat
and you have to catch it out
and say no thanks,
and remember your WHY,
why you want to feel free …

I remember having panic attacks in my bathroom, unable to breath my body was under so much stress, because I kept ignoring my symptoms and finding something ”more important”,

when I started to lose clumps of hair, chronically exhausted upon waking, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and early evening, often feeling like I was going to pass out, full of inflammation (the body doesn’t stop there, it will continue going down until we listen)

I decided it was time to wake up and take action,

<>stop and take a moment to realise how precious you are, to YOU, and everyone around you,

the way we feel impacts everything and everyone …

I got support, I stopped trying to work it out alone, head in books, the internet,
I went to an expert and invested in my life (ME)

AND I changed my direction, I started the REAL journey – into me,

Self-enquiry-discovery-awareness, it was time to wake up!!

there is nothing more important, nothing,

our body is our planet –
the mess on our planet
is because of the mess inside our bodies,

it’s a responsibility we have

there’s no one to blame or shame

we’ve been given a life that’s happening for us

not to us!

out of love we must take action on our health,

as you really start to look at yourself, behaviours, actions, feelings, thoughts,

you start to get really honest with yourself,

maybe you feel like you are, but you’re still not where you want to be with your health,

<>What aren’t you allowing?
<>When we allow …

we began to peel away the layers of toxicity, mistruths that aren’t yours,

theres an awakening inside you!

This is the journey I’ve been on for the last decade,
I’m 100% committed to my healing journey,
as I am with every women I work with,

I don’t believe in just talking the talking
I believe in walking that talk
Being the proof
Embodying it,

even though there was some deep pains I had to go through, toxic habits and patterns I had to break, people I had to let go of,
…if I wanted to embody who I am today – it had to be done (FULL STOP!)

it’s the best decision of my life, to commit to healing me, to reveal my truest most alive fulfilled and conscious self, this is priceless, and was worth every bit of discomfort I went through,

having healed myself of 5 chronic degenerative imbalances in my body, getting to the root of all my suffering and unease, facing it with courage and commitment,
totally afraid sometimes, yep!
but trusting it all … trusting life … and doing it anyway,

I believe there is nothing we can’t heal

…all that I went through was down to an overburdened body, riddled with parasites, uric acid, mucus, kidney, liver, pancreas stones, candida (Hint: not only happening in me)

are you settling for just feeling Ok? – when bliss is around the corner

if I had – I wouldn’t have healed my body, as many told me just to eat more protein, fat, fermented foods, make sure you get all your food groups, drink plenty of water, take B, D, C vitamins, blah blah blah … this all so old now,

so I continued the journey deep into me, the body, what health really meant, and how to obtain a health unimaginable to most,

Don’t stop – you’ve tried so much, yet you’re still not where you want to be, I promise you there is a way! it’s in the toxicity you’re holding onto

Don’t give up – life is guiding you in the right direction, trust your hunches!

Don’t listen to the pessimists – there’ll always be people trying to feed you their fears their doubts, but its nothing to do with anyone else other than you,
we’ve got to speak our truth here!

Your boyfriend, husband, friends, family think you’re crazy with all the healing and health investments (yep had that too!)

but YOU know what you need to do,

we have to let go of this, and follow our truth, our body dreams, our desires …

I followed what was true to me, and I found the gold at the end of the rainbow 🌈

Your gold is waiting for you too Beautiful

You CAN embody a vitality unimaginable, forget the mass consciousness speaking absolute BS around health,

when you want something deep in your heart, because you know it’s your truth, you will get it

I found this to be THE most freeing journey we could ever experience

Body Liberation, it took me home,
and it’s waiting to take you home too,
your body knows, step out of its way …

<>How important is it to you to live your full and truest body potential ? – knowing that this is a gateway, a portal for you to live your highest potential❤️