Drinking 5 cups of green tea a day, eating organic sweet cakes daily, bars of 90% organic cacao, big plates of grains, spicy curries, and delicious red wine,
all these stimulants had me fixated and locked into sweet salty creamy buzz heaven mode!

I have tons more energy, motivation, vitality, strength, focus, confidence radiance now

Being dependant on stimulants is as destructive to the body as a drug habit

It feels so good whilst you’re doing it
BUT its discreetly consuming your health vision and body dreams

You’re always looking for the next hit

You’re willing to do almost anything for it

And when you don’t get that pick-me-up, it literally hurts, you can’t get it out of your head, all you want is that food, drink, texture, flavour!

We all love stimulating foods …

🍓a delicious sweet milky hot cacao before bed to comfort us, we tell ourselves we’ll sleep better, yet we’re adding huge pressure to our adrenals and disrupting our hormones, waking depleted heavy and tired (yep I was here too!)
🍓a wedge of homemade cake with cream, yoghurt or ice cream because it takes the pressure off having to face our emotions and what’s really going on inside (me for years!!)
🍓a rich cup of organic coffee to boost the focus, concentration, to wake us up so we can actually go about our day, or to pick us up mid-morning or mid-afternoon, yet it makes us feel horrible, anxious, even sick sometimes and increase’s our stress, – yet we don’t want to blame it on the coffee, because we want more, so we lie to ourselves (me for years too!!)
🍓a good curry and rice to get that spicy boost to stimulate us, when we’re really craving vigor and to live more of life, so afraid of boredom, spice makes us feel better (I only got over this one last year!)

Stimulants keep us from living free

So what’s the elixir? The rehab?

🌈Understand WHY you crave it – What are you wanting to feel from having it? notice if it’s emotional, comfort, energy, focus, to take the edge off life, to lift your mood …(For Me? it was comfort, to not have to feel my emotions (and food textures) I grew up never seeing my mum express their emotions, feelings, and stimulating food was made the antidote

🌈Take responsibility and own your stimulant obsessions (when we stop hiding them, we bring the light in, here you can transform and break-free)

🌈Decide what it’s costing you to not change

🌈If you think the cost is high enough, break it


⛅️If you’re drinking or eating anything to get a buzz, and you know it makes you feel urgh, but you still do it, it’s not serving you, but hurting you, find a way to break the habit
⛅️If you’re avoiding your emotions, feelings, needs, start feeling and listening to your body instead of allowing food to push it down, start today
⛅️If you have a craving today, say No to it, and find that inner-strength to move past it and build new healthy habits

A life without an addiction to stimulating foods will feel like freedom.

You’ll be able to take back your vitality, true joy, strength, ideal body, confidence, wellbeing, real focus and motivation. You’ll find a deeper trust within yourself. You’ll ignite that courage that you’re made of-as you stop letting food controlling your body health mood hormones and life. You’ll feel so satisfied and fulfilled, as you take control of what goes in your body, no longer being controlled by false highs that’s feeding the internal obstruction

If you’ve built your lifestyle on lots of stimulating foods – you know, doing what’s safe, doing what you-know-will give you that buzz, hit, comfort, ease for a moment, instead of getting to your root cause and truly living free, send me a PM. Lets break you free from your life of stimulants 🙌🏻