I’m so over people in the health industry and the media advising false and harmful untruths and misinformation to humanity-that you can heal from eating acidic foods, and that you just need to heal your gut with supplements and boost your immune system with vitamin c and d and you’ll feel better soon

I blindly believed this for so long, and I see so many others falling into the trap I did, it’s so far from the truth that it’s causing you to stay internally out of balance for years,
living from a place of suppression not supremacy (we are all here for supremacy🌈born supreme, yet society has pulled you about in this 3D illusion, you are sacred Beloved)

the body can not and will not heal from an acidic mucus environment, I tried to heal my body for years whilst I continued to eat acidic mucus forming foods, all I did was clog up my detoxification pathways and push my symptoms deeper inside my cells, AND get sicker,

Acid foods cause further imbalance, this can be hidden as they also suppress the body, so you can think that you are ok, when the body is not,

acid in your body;
🔥makes you crave sugar, caffeine, alcohol, salty foods, spicy foods, processed foods breads, pastries
🔥cause degeneration dehydration and ageing
🔥parasites, fungus, viruses feed off an acidic body
🔥acid is the dis-ease, triggering inflammation, excess weight, exhaustion, adrenal issues, hormone imbalances, anxiety, bloating, endocrine gland imbalances

because we’ve never experienced how we’re truly meant to feel in our body,
even as a new born we’re born with hundreds maybe been thousands of chemicals already inside us,

ONLY when the cellular health is clean and unobstructed can the body really show you its peace energy purpose and clarity, and its light and graceful vibration of ease and beauty

proof of tissue alkalinity;
🍋it stops you craving stimulants, processed foods, emotional eating, as the frequency of your body changes energy pathways free up and you desire to eat pure foods
🍋supports & activates regeneration, cellular hydration and youthful vitality
🍋unwanted microbes can’t survive in an alkaline body
🍋the alkaline environment transforms your inner body and cells, from here wellbeing emanates, from here the body heals itself

Alkalising my body through living mucus free and cellular detoxification has been life-changing, and my clients have said “it’s beyond anything else out there”

Mainstream nutrition and detox just doesn’t cut it for the body anymore, with 2020 coming up, our soul needs to be feed in a very different way with food, the body will not cope being feed the way it is, so we must starting making changes,

💎It’s about feeding yourself with alkaline mucus free and mucus lean foods (fruits, vegetables, seeds, minimal nuts, mucus lean grains, herbs, tender leafy greens, dried fruits
💎It’s about detox being a daily part of your life (…which eventually becomes effortless, easy & utterly satisfying)
💎It’s about changing the frequency of our cells to oscillate at a frequency that your soul can express itself fully from
💎Its about releasing shedding letting go of the habits patterns imprints behaviors stories that’s holding inner and outer illumination from full embodiment
💎It’s about living free in your body without interference, and standing in your sovereignty beautifully fierce

Today’s loving💕reminder : You we’re born free, and this will never be taken away from you, it’s time to reclaim what is yours and live your divine birthright of ecstatic health in a body you love.

there is NOTHING we can not heal, nothing.

#bornfree #reclaimyoursovereignty #detox
#foodtruths #supremeliving #purelife