As a young girl I always wanted to be noticed, liked, seen as beautiful, loved

my vision of myself was floored right from my early teens, when at school I was bullied and told I’d have my head put down the toilet, when I hadn’t done anything,

I had just been being me, so from here I took on the belief that it was wrong to be me,

between ages 7-14 is our 2nd 7 year cycle, when our emotional development and primary emotional defence mechanisms are being set, here we imprint as a child what feels unsafe –
so mine was it’s unsafe to be all of me!

so I better change and not be me,
the hiding began, the blocking of my chakras, unwitnessed emotions,
and symptoms began to manifest in my physical body – so much shame (I always went so red when anyone ever gave me attention), anxiety, stress, fear, then PMS, digestive issues, chaotic hormones …

so afraid of my body and what it may attract,
I thought it was better to hide
then show all of my radiance,
shrinking myself to fit in,

body confidence and self-esteem,
a challenging journey
but also a deeply empowering journey
that allows a homecoming back to who you are
(many of the incredible women that I get the honor to support also struggle here)

you’re never alone on this journey, and when we remember we’re in this together, you can feel your heart open, no more hiding, open your heart,

listen to her call you,

this journey lead me to burying myself in work, in toxic relationships, in not honoring my body, not valuing myself

We tune out of my body, out of self-love,
so you don’t have to deal with the unease, but it’s got nowhere else to go, but deeper inside…

You have to trust yourself again

to trust
your body
your femininity
your beauty
your power

the body doesn’t get it wrong, nor do you, because you are life itself

so the people pleasing, not speaking your truth, making choices that don’t serve you, blaming situations, not taking full responsibility, trying to force, eating to fill the void, getting lost in the drama

…it’s all a distraction, from loving yourself

You are never to much!

it’s a journey to loving who you are
accepting and seeing yourself for your innate perfection amongst the imperfections
seeing your sensuality as a frequency
and energy that feeds your soul
your creativity

Your body is uniquely divine and a creation like now other, there is a reason you are here, a reason we’re all here,

we must remember how important we are
and how precious your body is
she’s your temple of wisdom
that needs attention

If you’re not number 1, who is?

Be the example
Be the proof
It’s your birthright to be the best you

when we honor our body at this level, life hears you, the universe hears you, and miracles unfold

I found that the more I rose into the embodiment of my truth that others felt my light, my energy, my strength,

the more we hide the more others hide
we’re all here to lift each up,
higher and higher

the more we step into our sweet powerful femininity
the more we’re felt by others
and the more we heal within

integrity and harmony reveal themselves

You have a choice every day, in every moment, to love yourself more and more and more

you are worthy of happiness
you are worthy of living in a body you’re at peace with
you can trust yourself again,

the feminine
who you are,
fierce, powerful, sweet, gentle, loving, compassionate, courageous
a manifesting creatrixs

If you aren’t true to your heart, you get lead by another’s fears and desires
so you miss life,
you miss your truth,
you miss your liberation,

You’re here to live empowered in your feminine body, free to shine, love, laugh, wear sexy dresses, feel beautiful in frilly lingerie,

the past is over,

you must learn to let go,

Right now you have a choice,
to remember who you are
and stand in your truth,
beautiful loving open strong
So what truth are you hiding to fit in or please another?

What part of your body do you fear, there’s a gift in it, ask yourself “how would it feel if I could feel love for this part of my body”?