this was my expectation years back now,
I thought if I ate what I thought was ‘healthy’ at the time, drank my green smoothies packed with a ton of thick fibrous green veg, with vegan protein powder, fruits, superfood powders and coconut oil, topped with what I thought were quality vitamins and minerals to boost nutrition, And practise regular yoga – I SHOULD be and feel in super vibrant health,

but the thing is, I didn’t, I was still tried, foggy, unclear, had awful PMS (I didn’t even like me on my period, but I couldn’t get away from me😷)lacking in confidence and self-esteem, anxious, stressed, emotional eating, and emotionally and energetically things were a mess

Everyone goes on about adding stuff in, more nutrition, more supplements ….
It’s not about more
It’s about removal
It’s about what we ELIMINATE
The root to all ‘labels’ – diseases –
It’s ALL obstruction inside our cells,

(when you heal the physical body this way,
the emotional body naturally heals too)

Elimination = Wellbeing (when done properly, when in tune with nature and the human specie)

Just focusing on getting nutrition into the body doesn’t heal it,

Very few talk about it, so I’m going to speak to this topic today:

Today and on a weekly occurrence I receive emails from the next best supplement brand on the market telling me how they’d love to tell me more about their amazing supplements and tell me how it can work wonders for my clients!!

this actually makes me feel quite sick,

this push on supplementation is adding to millions suffering, keeping the body sick acidic and stimulated,
causing degeneration
WHEN we want regeneration

I got taken down this route for YEARS-
then I woke up and did some deep digging enquiry research and experimented on myself!

I set myself free from this toxicity!!

95% of the health industry is missing the biggest MOST important thing ever when it comes to health

ELIMINATION at cell level 🔥

Cellular Regeneration
Cellular Detoxification
which means working on the-
Lymphatic system
Kidneys & adrenals
Digestive tract
The Master glands

THIS is way beyond detox or cleansing,
it’s total body mind soul ILLUMINATION

ONLY AND WHEN you clean at this level of the body, removing the physical obstruction of mucus acid fungus parasites stones
from the organs tissues and cells

using food to cleanse and eliminate
using food for cellular regeneration
using food for cellular detoxification
…can the body start to heal itself 🌿

HERE you get to live love and embody your highest potential when the body is unobstructed at cell level,
free from any dis-ease,
very very very few talk about this
because the use of nutrition is misunderstood-

So what if,

🍇The supplement’s not working, you still feeling sick, tired, bloated, getting acid reflux, burning in your stomach, was a sign saying – stop them?

🍇What if that diet, detox, alternative therapy didn’t really work for you, because there’s a deeper truth for you to reveal so you CAN live your highest body freedom and best version of you?

🍇What if the resistance you’re experiencing is not a sign to “STOP” because something is wrong, but is simply showing you that you’re growing into a new level of yourself?

Maybe, just maybe …. everything’s working out for you, and you’re being guided in a way that is divinely perfect for you,

Here’s some more truths-

Don’t wait till you’ve read every book, scientific review, trial, till your intuition says yes (an obstructed body means interference) allow yourself to get clarity by moving through whatever is in front of you, trust the process, be the proof, don’t wait till the right time, it never arrives,
the time is here and now for you to illuminate

We have 2 options in life:
1. Go through life thinking everything’s against us, hard and not working
2. Show up for life and let life show up for you, by getting receptive and open to a new way (unlearn to relearn)

I choose 2, what do you choose?

Today’s loving💓reminder: Your soul may be giving you messages that sound crazy, feel uncomfortable or aren’t always practical or easy

But here is the “HEALING” when you allow yourself to FEEL any feeling and take the action anyway, you move one step closer to your truth, your freedom, and your birthright that’s living your highest potential in your body Bliss

She’s waiting 💎