This is what I’m deeply present with today after a powerful call this morning!

why is perfectionism so toxic to our body and life?

No room for making mistakes
Very specific way of doing things
All about that end result
Extremely hard on yourself
A depression sets in when goals aren’t achieved
Extremely high standards
Constantly waiting for the right moment

I realized it wasn’t the desire to be perfect, but the desire to feel perfect,
my perfectionism was an escape,
a relief from having to feel painful feelings,

You could say perfectionism is like a piece of chocolate cake, it takes the edge off life, emotions- and stimulates you to feel temporary relief for a short while – until you realize you feel no better from the incessant perfecting
or eating of chocolate cake

because it’s bypassing what really needs to be done ….

the courageous strength you are made is POWERFUL 🔥

So what does it really take let go of this perfectionism and embody YOUR truth?

Life throws us challenges, only because life knows that we can overcome them, it means getting real, being present being aware that if I don’t witness and own and heal this part of me
it’ll run my life

I will not be living my fullest potential,
living my fullest life and health potential is so important to me!

How about you?

Totally transparent – totally open

when ever I uplevel in my life,
whether that’s my body, health, business,
its rarely smooth running,
and it totally unsettles me!
perfectionism tendencies come up
and I have a bit of a freak out
this never stops me from taking action, following through, being consistent, because if I don’t take the action,
I stay put, and that doesn’t feed me
OR, get me any closer to growing some more

Faith trust and remembering
Who I Am and what my mission is,
is what gets me through challenging times, knowing that I am so needed in such a Big way in the world, and the decisions I make shape my life my destiny and also impact everyone around me

It’s all about you feeling your absolute best to make what you desire BEcome
and it starts inside YOU

Embodying your absolute best is possible, not only have I got to a place of deep peace in my body, but so have my clients, there is a graceful way through what sometimes seems like chaos and just to much,

even under the challenges
and when life piles it on thick
I never stop showing up for myself, I never stop doing the work, taking aligned action, BEing present with what’s coming up for me moment to moment, looking the stuff right in the face, no hiding (I hid from myself for years, and only more piled up)

such a perfectionist all my life
I’ve realized the last 28 days of showing up for myself, my business and for you, that I’ve peeled away even more layers, and definitely more layers of perfectionism and expanded some more energetically 🙅🏻(I have ladies constantly reaching out to me about my work)

Perfect in all my imperfections – this is how I roll now-

Raw Real And Honest

I’ve realized how actually facing life heart on, makes it very exciting, and challenges become a kind of game, play, fun – with my breath being my best friend

Breath in NEW LIFE
Breath out THE OLD

Everything in your life is totally healable, ALL of it, the physical symptoms the emotions the habits that run your life the toxic patterns that make you feel depleted (I had it ALLLLL!!!)

if it’s been created – it can be de-created,

It just takes showing up for the process…

me right now, every single day, I’m all in with this wonderful life that keeps on testing me 🤦🏻‍♀️

Do you feel things keep coming full circle for you?
nutrition not working
supplements not working
perfectionism taking over

life has a message for you,
don’t give up

I thought I would never get well, or heal my deep emotions habits and patterns,
and my clients are too,
I didn’t stop, I tried everything, and then
I FOUND the pot of honey 🍯at the end of rainbow- something so sweet,
this is my passion,
living free liberation lifestyle body freedom

Facing your challenges is the path to this pot of honey,

Embrace change as something so sacred, without it, you wouldn’t be here
that’s how important change is
that’s how important you are

#youcandoit #bethechange