1. CLEANSE & ELIMINATE๐ŸŒˆ– this is what food is meant for, NOT fuel,
It’s easy to get lead down a path with nutrition that falsely keeps symptoms at bay for a while, because nearly all “diets” taught, suppress the human body from fully feeling and ever healing

Food is here to cleanse and eliminate

Food is not a filler
but a pillar

You can either fill the void within with fats proteins stimulants (like we’ve all been told we need)
or we can build
our inner pillar of light strength support back up, by eating the light๐Ÿ“
food made by sunshine โ˜€๏ธ

Weight loss is activated by food cleansing the body and eliminating what is obstructing the energy channels (acid, mucus, parasites, toxins…)

Food is here to support you when used in alignment with nature

The truth is that weight loss can be easy when nutrition is aligned with this core ancient principle (nature)

Don’t confuse filtering kidneys with kidneys that are just about functioning

It’s very different.

โ˜ฏ๏ธFiltering kidneys means your kidneys are moving waste through them, and your urine is dark, you’ll be releasing sediment, mucus, acid, this is what you want to feel energized, strong, healthy, lifted and clear – aligned in your body and life
โŒFunctioning kidneys (where most kidneys are) kidneys are being used by the body to store waste, instead of eliminating it like they’re meant to, your urine is light, you feel tired, sluggish, hormones are out of balance and you suffer from adrenal fatigue/insufficiency, hypothyroid, skin issues

You may think because your passing urine daily your kidneys are good, the body is very clever at adapting,

Since getting my kidneys filtering I’ve felt a very different level of energy, focus, presence, awareness, connection to life and people – your kidneys are your batteries for life

Recharge your life’s batteries with cellular regeneration, sunlight, plant-foods, nature and see your body awaken

Here you can feel your truth of aliveness and peace in your body

If you’ve been taken for a ride by the supplement industry (like I was) it’s now about looking at the internal journey not extremely stuff to add in,

All disease is obstruction, toxicity stored at a cellular level,

the forgotten system my modern medicine ‘The Lymphatic System’ has a huge roll to play in this, your bodies sewer system, when this gets real attention, finally the body can get deeply nourished and can heal itself

Since my clients have got their lymphatic system moving decades cellular waste OUT,
Liberation has awoken within, showing up as effortless weight loss, so much more energy, clarity, confidence, joy, creativity, feeling content and at peace inside themselves,
a true belonging, happiness – as you come home to the rare diamond you are ๐Ÿ’Ž

When I got mine moving, it finally felt like my body was flowing, the internal channels got clear of toxicity, energy could flow, this then feed into my external life and created so much more abundance, flow and ease

‘So many miss this system, and instead clog it up more with fad diets of high fats/proteins, synthetic supplements and missing what it really takes for cellular regeneration to take place’

This is a big part of what I support my clients in healing and clearing, as here is a true foundation for a vibrant life and freedom in our body

๐Ÿ”ฅThe most powerful thing you can do is do what the majority aren’t doing,
Because it’s here we really heal.๐Ÿ”ฅ

Photo: An exclusive Body Awakening workshop in Bali sharing the truth on health the body and nutrition.