Have you found yourself/are you in a job you don’t really want to be in (you know deep in your soul it’s not for you) but you continue because it’s easier and kind of comfortable?

This was me 5 years ago, I had started to set up my business, but was still working another job, and lots of hours, it was distracting me from my purpose and it was zapping my energy and focus,

I hear a lot of people say you can build your business and work 1-2 other jobs, I don’t agree with this, it’s not that it’s bad if that’s what you decide, not at all, but for me I realized if I was going to keep watering the seeds and growing the roots to my business,
I had to GO ALL IN!

Here’s the truth:

This meant getting into lots of debt with my parents and banks, everyone says debt is so bad, I didn’t feel this,
if it was to be a part of my journey to living my purpose, so be it, yes shame came up, but I didn’t let it take over, it was for an incredible purpose

I didn’t see that as negative (our society makes debt so fearful)
I say use the system wisely!

Instead I saw my courage to honor my future self and my dreams… the women I was stepping into becoming was rebirthing herself,

As I came to a point of understanding and a new perspective, that if I was my child, I would do my best to support them fully in their dreams and mission,
AND money is ultimately just energy (we get so attached to it)
my amazing mentor taught me “it’s a renewable resource” …and here I started to grow my wealth mindset, out of scarcity into abundance
Thank you Katharine Dever ❤️

We live in an abundant universe, it’s only the minds programming that tells us otherwise, I did alot of healing around my money stories and beliefs,
…this has been so valuable in my life!

So here I got real with myself and my purpose, I saw how I needed to fully commit, and to ignite that courage inside myself, which meant strength and determination


the world needs my gifts (as it needs yours too)
I must show up for life
I couldn’t bare to think I have such gifts and not be using them
I’m here in service to others, and myself
I was born to care and transform the physical body
I am here to inspire and show the limitless possibility there is to heal- having healed myself of 5 chronic diseases naturally🌈

It’s not been easy, at all, I had many days where I was going to give up, pack it in and go back to work for someelse’s dream, but then that future me popped up and said, ‘you can do it’ ‘you’ve got this’ ‘keep going’

So every time, and there were many, I dug deeper than deep and reconnected with my – ‘Why’ I had to make this happen,

How do I did it?

💎I connected to the feeling and emotion of transforming life’s & living my dream
💎I was like there’s no other way for me, this it, I would make it work, not only work, but I would expand into my best self and never stop
💎I respected my souls calling
💎I would show up fully for life
💎I was prepared to get uncomfortable and do things that terrified me, that not many will, to birth my dreams
💎I took so many risks (I’ll always remember this quote “If you risk nothing, you risk everything)
💎I bolding moved forward – even when I didn’t really know what’s I was doing, I embraced the uncertainly and fears
💎I did a ton of healing and made my health number 1 priority
💎I invested in mentors
💎I listened to my desires not others fears

My reminder today: let go of the rules, the attachment to comfortable, the I ‘should’s’ and follow what truly lights your soul up,
take a step each day towards your dreams

Be patient (something I’ve had to learn in a big way)
Commit to your vision

Going for your dreams doesn’t happen in a straight line – it’s a super wiggling line, and this makes it even more exciting and fulfilling – here we grow 😘

Last take away for today – wellbeing comes top to make these dreams fully bloom, a healthy body means everything 🌸