I use to believe it was all about deficiency, I now believe it’s all about obstruction

If anyone tells you that in order to get well and heal the body you need to take a ton of supplements, I suggest you tune into your discernment

Heres why-

When you decide you want to heal the body, it means creating a certain environment inside so it can get to work, it’s not as simple as popping supplements and eating ‘healthy’

it’s way beyond this I found out,

I use to believe that I had to get my extra nutrition through high doses of B vitamins, vitamin C, D, fish oils, probiotics, magnesium … all so feed by fear and anxieties fueled by misinformation

my views on this have changed hugely, having destroyed my own digestive system, clogged up my lymphatic system, kidneys and liver, further obstructing my body,
and never getting the results I desired on them,

I STOPPED them all! and never felt better! because I removed the cause, the waste,

if deficiencies were present, removing the toxicity allows the body to heal and rebalance itself,

I found that some of these pills are as bad as medication, they’re both unknown to the body, robotic, acidic, 1 dimensional
and feed dis-ease

(99% of health practitioners will prescribe 10+ supplements, when actual 0 is necessary)

they don’t help heal us,

the reality is, you have to remove the obstruction from the body, and supplements are adding to it

supplementation is easy, but it avoids the real healing work,

Why? because they suppress our cells and symptoms, so we think we’re better, it’s false

the dream feelings are all in close reach, and yes you can have it all, but are you willing to do it all?

Most people aren’t. Because commitment, patiences and discipline don’t fit in with the state of society,

theres no magic pill

the bliss comes when you stop obstructing the body (it’s the most awakening perspective when you own it!)

So let’s get clear:

– It’s never about deficiency its all about obstruction, yet we’ve been so programmed to be in lack, so you always go to add in more, instead we need to take away, but this makes the brain freak out, you are safe

– Anything that takes effort will create conflict, and then arises fears worries anxieties doubts, its all part of you, and that’s normal, it’s Ok to feel these emotions, we all do, but it’s not Ok to let them take over your life decisions and precious body

If you want to uplevel your body your life and feel vibrant and free, yet you resist anything that feels uncomfortable?

How far will you go?

Supplements and diet alone won’t get you there

Commitment, patience and discipline will awaken strength and support you in moving forward

It’s not all easy, but you can definitely find your ease, by questioning what feels
true for you, what resonates deep at your core?

We can’t say ‘I’m detoxing’, but you’re stilling eating chocolate everyday,
you’ve got to decide

if you want the truth on what it takes to eliminate all symptoms for good, no matter how chronic, or for how long, then stay tuned

If you’re just looking for quick temporary relief it’s not here, here is about real regeneration allowing your full body freedom to awaken

this is the real journey that sets you free

You get to choose💖