So many health practitioners forget to tell you that the body heals itself when given the right set of internal conditions, and what this actually means-
and that this doesn’t happen from diets/eating ‘healthy’ or supplementation (98% of the time its furthering an acid environment )

THIS kept me stuck for years, until I found a way through all the BS, misinformation and mistruths, it took a decade!!🤓by being the experiment, BEing the proof, not having my head in too many books📚
as it’s way beyond …

When you decide to do something you’ve never done before, taking a new direction with your health (you’ve gathered so much information, it’s conflicting, you’ve had enough😓)
it’ll require an open-mind, will and change (a word so many are sacred of,
I use to be terrified of change, now it’s my best friend)
change has to happen if you want transformation.

Your mindbody won’t necessarily like the change because it’ll mean you’ll need to use more energy (and the brain wants to save energy)

It will create emotions that will feel uncomfortable – to keep you safe

Let’s say you’re wanting to lose weight and feel more confident in your body and you decide to do a juice cleanse for 5 days and you’ve never done one before

You have the best intentions, you had the idea and it feels exciting

You envision yourself losing 20lbs and feeling amazing in your beautiful new dress. You feel the energy in your body. It’s a ‘Yes I’m In’🔥

The you realise that in order to do this 5 day juice cleanse 🍊you get to only drink juice, have no solid food, have some detox symptoms, have to get loads of veggies and fruits in, buy a juicer, make time for you, be consistent…

Things that require action and that may not be all that comfortable

Lets take a look at the brain;

If you think it’s “too hard”,

How do you think you’ll feel? Probably discouraged and overwhelmed

And what will your actions be? Likely inconsistent

What about your results? Likely not what you desired

Let’s look at the opposite storyline:

You have the same cleanse to do. And instead of thinking “this is going to be to hard, I don’t know if I can do this”

You think: “I am [your name] magnificent [your last name] and I always make amazing shit happen🙅🏻. How much fun can I have doing this thing?👯

If you make the process fun, how would you feel? Excited, motivated, eager, lifted energy 💃🏻

What kind of inspired actions would you take? What results would you create? 👗

Probably much different than if you get stuck thinking that because it doesn’t feel easy and “you should stop” ✋🏻


Just because things don’t feel easy all the way doesn’t mean it’s something you “shouldn’t do”

People through around the word ‘easy’ way to much, what you put in, you get out, #truth, that doesn’t mean it’s hard…

It means you get to tune into completely different thoughts (that don’t suck and sabotage you) to get your desired results 👙

Try it

It always seems impossible until you make the decision and stick to it, let the drama go, and focus on what you want

It’s possible, whatever you desire for your health, your body, your life,
it’s possible,

Allow it in ❤️

If this resonates and you’re looking for support on your health journey PM me.