It’s okay to eat 100% clean AND to then have days where you feel you’ve slipped off (when really you haven’t, it’s just part of the journey of transitioning and integrating)

It’s okay to want to feel your fun crazy wild feminine self again AND to be a women in here power and on her divine mission

It’s okay to have days when you want to dance, walk, do yoga AND other day’s when you want to do nothing, completely rest, switch off and relax

It’s okay to want to go to a Detox retreat AND to then go and see friends and go out for meals (it’s about awareness and self-care around your food choices, it not always easy, but the results you’ll get our SO worth it)#truth

It’s okay to not eat animal proteins AND to not have to explain yourself to everyone

It’s okay to feel like you’ve tried everything AND to then find out there’s so much more

It’s okay to not have it all worked out AND to know what you want

It’s okay to have not got the results you desire yet AND to keep investing in yourself until you get them (self-love💕)

It’s okay to be clever, AND fit healthy and glowing

Trust me. It’s allllllll so okay.

It’s your life, you get to give yourself permission regardless of what other people want YOU to be or do

it’s your choice. No one else’s.
you know in your heart. what YOU want.

PS – It’s okay to burst into tears in front of your clients at the end of your retreat (tears of joy) AND hold space and be professional (it’s about being real with yourself and life, in the moment, from a place of love)

Photo : The Body Awakening Ibiza