I was such a late reader, my mum thought I was never going to be able to read, from the age of 6 I remember feeling not enough,

Why could everyone else do it but not me, I felt stupid,
which lead to feeling I had to over give to be “enough for others to accept me”

I shut down my expression
My true self was locked away –
I was programmed to please
To be myself was embarrassing,

I was that girl that everyone thought was weird, wild, odd;

🤣I would play silly pranks on school teachers – I found school hard! It wasn’t for me (craving attention and real connection!)
🍓I wanted to be out in nature, rolling about in the Devon fields having picnics and dreaming
🎉I’d always be the life and soul of the party, final able to let go …and be me (under the influence)
👗I would wear those thigh high cotton socks brightly colored stripes-I called myself fruit-pastel legs! (wanting to stand out!)

Maybe you resonate with some of this too, maybe not, what I realized is that I’m not here to please or be liked by everyone,

I’m here to be me
and you’re here to be you
in all your divine uniqueness

the truth is pleasing others took over my life, and so did holding back my truth;

I spent years wondering what I had to do to get others to like me, love me,
as just being my quirkily wild self
seemed to make others uncomfortable

I realized I had to accept myself, and learn to love myself for who I am,

Has this been a part of your journey too?🦄

During this time I created the “story” if I wanted to be accepted that I couldn’t be myself because that wasn’t enough, so I had to wear a mask that would be accepted,

So I lost myself in emotional eating, drinking and not speaking my truth, this carried on for years,

Food become my daily dose of escape.

I thought I could just keep eating my way out of not feeling enough, but I realized I wasn’t feeling any better, the eating wasn’t helping me, it was false comfort
what I secretly craved was connection, love, understanding, to be heard, I had to get brutally honest with myself:

👾I was getting into relationships that we’re fueled by addictive behaviors
👾I was making myself sick, chronically, exhausted, severe anxiety, no confidence or self-esteem- No boundaries!
👾I was done with comparing myself to other women’s looks and success, and pretending to be someone I wasn’t to be accepted

It took me a few break-ups to realize I was done with this:
❤️Started my healing journey focusing on me my body and loving me more
❤️Tuning into my soul and what I truly desired for myself (what felt exciting, what’s felt really good!)
❤️Letting go of stories and structures that we’re holding me back and taking my power away – which included a whole lot of forgiveness towards myself and others, even the toxic abusive relationships!

So I moved on. And I got what I wanted. And more.

Not only do I now support and guide women into healing their bodies and standing in the feminine power, owning who they are and living their truth, but I’ve also been able to connect with women on a much deeper level having committed to freeing myself and living my truth

Real women lift each other up, and have each other’s backs 😘

You’ve got this sister 💓

#soulsisters #youvegotthis