Me and my gorgeous niece, kids show us the boundless energy we are here for…

I spent over a decade exhausted, and wondering WHY? …where did my youthful energy and childlike spirit go?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

But I pushed through, still got things done, at the expense of my body and wellbeing, waking exhausted, mid-morning sluggishness, mid-afternoon tiredness and … eating healthy?!?

I thought for so long it was normal to feel tired, everyone else was,
so I took it as –
‘I guess I just have to get on with things feeling this way’

all everyone said was …
Rest more
Drink more water
Eat more protein
Are you eating enough?
Get some vitamins in you!
Have you seen that cure for all superfood-pill!!!πŸ™„

All of πŸ‘†πŸ»has nothing to do with healing exhaustion/sluggishness/tiredness,

here’s why-

I found out the hard way, maybe you did too, or maybe you’re currently in it?

πŸ’ŠAfter taking tubs of supplements
🌯Trying nearly every diet
πŸ’†Trying every alternative therapy out there (which some differently did help, but didn’t get to the root!!)
πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈExercising my butt off
🌱Trying every superfood and tons of it
πŸ’§Drinking loads of clean water
πŸ₯œEating lots of protein,
πŸ₯‘Eating lots of healthy fats

…it all got worse !! this sent my body into suppression, yes I got some relief, but not true healing,

the health world is working and marketing on false theories to keep humanity sick
extremely outdated false information
totally misaligned with the human body
completely MISSING the ROOT CAUSE of exhaustion/sluggishness/tiredness

It’s ALL so far off,
no wonder you’re struggling,
you’re not alone my friend,

Here’s how I got to the other side – energised, liberated, free in my body:

πŸ‡I didn’t follow any kind of mainstream nutrition, I went we’re most don’t, off radar, off the grid let’s say with my approach to nutrition – using it to clean my body, NOT fuel my body, it’s here I corrected all my imbalances and took back an alive, radiant energy
🌈 I stopped taking ALL my synthetic supplements – magnesium, vitamin c, fish oils, iron, b vitamins !! In the BIN!
β˜•οΈI eliminated nearly all stimulants – caffeine, chocolate, cacao, spices, grains, chilli, alcohol (huge freedom came from this shift and commitment)
πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈI stopped exhausting my adrenals, kidneys nervous system and hormones through running, pounding my body, and instead switched to nourishing yoga, stretching, core-work, breath-work, walking, being in nature
🍳I avoid proteins, they’re a huge problem – the body can’t break down
🌰I stopped eating so many plant-based fats and stopped the toxic fish oils, which cause further imbalance, especially to your hormones 🐟❌
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯THE most powerful shift I made, was shedding the layers of toxins, mucus, acid, parasites, stones and fungus in my body at a cellular level, and devoting my wellbeing to living mucus free/lean,
HERE you get to the root cause, it covers everything!

It’s here my health body existence changed forever,
a permanent transmutation,
I shed and let go of the old and what no longer severed me,
and still continue too,
we’re like an onion,
keep peeling and see what you find – BODY LIBERATION 🌈🌈🌈

I made a decision to honor the deepest needs of my body πŸ”₯

I chose to eat what my body thrives off
Not what I was lead to believe it needs or what I should eat to be healthy

My reminder:

Cultivating vibrant energy isn’t about adding more in, it’s about removing the cause- the toxicity in the body, clearing the obstruction so your energy can FLOW freely and vibrantly

Simply feel what you’re feeling, where are you making it out to be fine, the ‘healthy eating’ and instead of trying to make out ‘food is fine ‘, focus on food being a cleanserπŸ‡ and an eliminatorπŸ₯—, instead of a toxic fuelπŸ”,
if you’re experiencing exhaustion, sluggishness,
food is not aligned

πŸ‹eat alkaline foods not acid
🍠bake steam eat raw instead of fried oily foods
πŸ₯‘food combine
🍊use food to remove toxicity not add

Doing the same thing will not get different results, flip that switch,

Own your body desires
Own your worthiness

You do not need to follow the masses and fit into ANY Box, be bold, be free, be YOU

Do it your way!

Here you’ll find your freedom, as you break free of the misinformation, mistruths,
BS round health the body food and healing,

Let yourself live your birthright of vibrant energy!

when you remove the toxicity,
a homecoming is ignited back to vitality and ease in a body that’s as supple as a 10 year old!

the only limits are in the mind, I promise you, reach for the ⭐️‘s

I feel more youthful in my body mind heart now, then I did at 15,
your chronological age doesn’t matter
it’s your biological age that matters
and this can be transformed through what I’ve shared here,

Don’t put limits on yourself because of society, or the way you feel now

Everything is healable!
Everything is curable!😱Yes I said, we can cure, nature cures us 🌿

You get to choose your Destiny ❀️

What do you choose today? (that will be a bold step to making your body dreams come true)