I always envisioned myself healthy happy liberated, even when I as so sick and stuck,
I dug deep to hold my vision, however far away it seemed, it was a decision I made,
to do what I needed to do to get me there

I never believed we just grow old and get sick, that seemed ridiculous to me, why would we have chosen this life to suffer …

I always knew I had a choice to how I wanted to mature and be in this body,
as do you

Have you heard of Regret Minimization Framework? the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos used it to make the decision to start his company which has just passed $1 Trillion

The process is simple, you project yourself into the future and look back on your choices from that perspective.

You can easily apply this to your own life, ask yourself, “In X amount of years,

will I regret doing this, or not?”

I was reading about this the other day, and realized I have been doing this for years especially around my health, without even realizing there was a name to the process,
it naturally made sense to me

Everyday I make my health mindset and the way I feel in my body TOP, because I know that if I don’t,
I’ll regret it.

As the women I see myself joyfully becoming, makes her wellbeing a priority, and the wise older women within me is so grateful and loving for the work I am putting in now.

If you’re feeling challenged right now or stuck somewhere in your life, try picturing yourself 10, 30 or 50 years from now

How will the decisions you’re making (or not making) impact that version of yourself? See if its worth the risk and if you’re motivated to commit to the thing.

This has definitely supported me, and I hope it supports you too💗

Arianna x

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