🌬Dependency outside self is a lie. They’ve lead us to believe we need tests to know what we have, to give us a diagnosis to label us, to depend on numbers, which distract from feeling knowing trusting-when simply-get the TOXINS out, all heals, its time to remember

If you go and have tests at the doctors when your on a deep cellular detox they may tell you you have cancer, this has happened, the body in deep detox under hocky pocky false shit testing, that is so far from a fucking science breakthrough it’s a joke, a sick one at that, that’s lead billions into further chronic ill-health pain fear, to then be handed the lie of meds – doesn’t not read truth! the body is in a process, leave it alone, let it be, let it do it’s thing! let the fear go. let the love in. 

I depended on tests for years, I thought that’s what you do, feel like shit-so go to get tested, and then wait and see what I’ve got, but I never got anywhere with any test, I never got my health back or healed, that happened when I exited the distractions, there’s so many!

I was always being asked, ‘do I want to sign up to get my clients tested for this that and the other’, I always felt this clear sacred NO in my gut, blood saliva stool, it’s all a waste of energy, giving power away to faulty testing 

when you know the ROOT already – the body is acidic, reset this EVERYTHING heals, they make it such a mystery in medicine, when it’s not, it’s very very clear what’s going on, after doing what they say, getting no where and then doing it my way – FREEDOM birthed!

darling, you are not here for this shit, you are a powerful woman that belongs here in her magic in her peace in her love in her healthy body, you know you know this, deep in that sacred womb of yours, that knows all, 

because she just DOES!

The truth is … your feeling … and any feeling that doesn’t feel good, is simply telling us, that the body needs addressing at the root at the cellular level – from here there is nothing we cannot heal through natures true medicine, plants herbs fruits veggies detox, the way of self-love  the way of truth health prevails 

Healing this physical body is NOT Hard, when we listen to her … it’s made hard when we let testing be more powerful then inner-KNOWING 


You know how you feel.

You know the tests do sod all, 

cause you still feel like shit,

just like the medication. 

You know the going back and forth 

is a waste of your life force energy.

Question: tests medication, NOT nature. 

nature is the most powerful Ally!

we know that, we see that, so trust her.

.here it stops. 

Here you RECLAIM your power.

Here you REMEMBER your body knows all.

Here you RESET your navigation system – 

to GO within, guided from feeling-in-your-body, and trusting her feeling, trusting YOU.

I stand here by your side Sister.

I love you

I care for you 

I see you, 

and know you know you can do it,

ofcourse you can, you’re a bloody magnificence Goddess of LOVE,

anchor that confidence! 

that courage!


that joy aliveness peace energy, it’s in you right here right now, NEVER let anyone tell you- 

‘it’s hard, deal with it, stop moaning, you’re a hypochondriac, maybe that’s just how you’re built, you’re getting old’-oh please! big BS!

You are a Goddess, we do not age!🔥

Thank you very much!

Never stop going for your DREAM of peace love harmony, this is the truth, you know it, TRUST your soul TRUST your heart, they may say something crazy, but it only feels crazy because it’s so fucking real honest and true and means getting out of your comfort zone

 … do it for YOU! 

No more compromising your joy your peace your vision, and No more conditions, we must let life-love-live in this body temple as unconditional – self-love IS unconditional. It took me not listening a lot, to get this. Yep. 

Carpe diem🔥

I am right here with you, all the way, always, never backing down, because WE know siSTARS, that Now Is our time to Arise!

I love you!🌹❣️🔥

🕉The Body Awakening Program’s, we don’t test, it’s a HUGE distraction, we go straight to the ROOT, and heal for vibrant HEALTH🌳 You’re wellbeing is so important, so for me the most solid testing has always been Knowing the root to ALL dis-ease and having a solid proven solution that works👙

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