Arianna - Heal trauma, Heal soul, Live Alive & Vibrant, within guides the way home

Today is a raw real conversation, we’re all adults, no more lies deceptions, but real self honesty unlocks it all … Yesterday me and sister had an evening drive to the ocean (the unseen mother at all gatherings Ochun🌊)there was a lot of swearing and inte-gritty, just being real from the heart, I heard her call, 

I had to be in her cleansing presence, the infinite♾majesty of healing water 

To feel it all, To BREATH, INHALE🪶EXHALE!

My awareness had caught a conversation before leaving that triggered a deep memory release within, I had been lying to myself, so much subconscious shame, hidden, even though I feel the most empowered-alive in my body I ever have, unresolved shame surfaced 

it was incest, I had been naming it sexual abuse as I was so ashamed it was in the family 

…like what’s happening with our babes on this planet, we can’t ignore the child-inner-child any longer – it’s time now – to witness – purge – heal – regenerate – realign – reconfigure – Arise

I had healed trauma so deep, but not the core of the emotion on it, the shame, it sits at the bottom of the alpha/omega scale🔺

Heal the root, heal all above it, it unlocks the truth, freedom, full potential, as does getting to the physical root of this body, heal soul deep cell deep, all physical symptoms gone

This tumultuous journey has shown me deeply into the collective story, each of our stories are part of the collective story, and why I stand for speaking my truth, for being witnessed  

When I witnessed myself with loving tender eyes of innocence, I see the beauty in the unfolding, we can’t feel pure true joy unless we have felt the deep sorrow, so I chose to go deeply within my soul into my cells to see my shadow, to not run in fear, but to see it’s gift, here the light poured forth into my temple body

🦋.freedom imbues all.🦋

You are SO beautiful.

You belong, right here right now.

You are SO loved 

You are SO wanted

You are FREE

You sparkle with beauty darling 


I see you

I hear you

I honour you

I hold you, as I hold myself in love

This journey shows us all the strength of the human spirit, of YOU Beauty, we are invincible, honour your story, it’s beautiful, it’s your path to be-coming the greatest woman you’ve ever envisioned in your flowering heart of peace 

You were born a warrior of the light. 

Be with you. 

Love you,

You are worthy of it all. 

I love you!💓


🌹If you’re interested in The Body Awakening program’s send us a DM and I’ll be in touch.

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