I got so wrapped up in “I’m too much”, let’s just note right now, you do you Beauty! It was all about being fully seen and heard …

wild woman I AM, spiritual soul who talks with the flowers kisses the trees and dances with the stars💋🌷

I decided I’m going to get to the root and release this fear and insecurity that lay deep in my colon, amazing WHAT this body holds onto and WHERE!💩

that stress, it comes to just wanting to feel at peace inside you, right love? how what when? …that stress impacts your food choices, mood energy weight hormones, and brain function, well I found a way to overcome all this, and feel that inner🪶peace and balance 

remember YOUR VISION, we are not here to please but to share our soul our heart our truth, be unapologetically YOU, life is a mirror🪞

Seeing this allowed a surrender into this body, a surrender into believing in myself, trusting life love, trusting the process👣

I had to go into my body and heal my heart liver kidneys gut, get all that waste out of me that was making me question myself, and feel exhausted foggy fearful and crave stimulants 

I embodied my authenticity once the mucus parasites heavy metals old emotions came out, and a clear vibrant pure environment was cultivated from within, freedom piece here💃🏻

for health to sprout we must prepare the inner terrain (gut) as you would the soil for planting seeds, toxin-free organic clean🌏🌿

Love note💌Gorgeous you grow real health, you blossom you bear sweet fruit and beauty in this body, with attention to the foundation, the detox pathways, the quality of tissue (soil) cells (seeds) within us, as we shift to a purified cleansed body-environment, all that is not serving will dissolve, and you will here- feel a sense of freedom bubble up from within🦋

Stay true to you Goddess!💕 You’ve got this!

always in love & service x

🌹If you’re interested in The Body Awakening program’s send us a DM and I’ll be in touch.

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