I use to believe that I could just change what I’m eating, you know, ‘eat healthier’ and I’d get the results in my body I wanted, all those feelings we all want – to feel energised light clear happy confident calm and grounded

Well that belief got turned upside down, I came to find out that eating healthy, eating more or less of whatever only gets you so far with your health, I had to go beyond, we all do

I had to evolve my view to get the results I have embodied today – thyroid health, vibrant hormones, true physical emotional healing came from cleansing clearing de-toxing regenerating purifying nourishing and radically loving on this body, I did what I had to do, so WORTH it🔥

The question is darling, how much do you want those feelings I mentioned at the start? What beliefs of your own are you willing to burn and reset? What are you willing to do to get the health you want?

Will is of the throat chakra, the ‘will’ we have to go forth and conquer our fears and be graciously bold in seeing beyond the limits into possibility of overcoming any sacred challenge life offers us, for us, to remember our strength and joy

We can continue to add healthy stuff in, but I learnt and know as I’ve embodied it, that we can not have real shifts and anchor them without clearing the decades of toxicity first

I realised there IS a process, when steps are missed, we miss out on the vibrant health we’re ALL here for 💋right now Beauty💋

I had to set a foundation, to now dance with plant-foods delightful nourishment that weaves a life of ease grace flow, alive light energy!

I guide my clients here to, everything is sacred, we live heaven on earth, it starts inside you, everything does 

🌿Dry fruit juice fast often

🥭Hydrate with high water content fruits 

🔥Food combine as much as possible

🍐Use alkaline foods to reset the pH

🍇Start your day raw juicy fresh whole-foods

🥬🍠🥥🫐🌹Eat plants

go within render reset rejuvenate, and you will see feel know embody Beautiful, pure serenity and bliss in your body x

Love you❤️

➡️Get Started, my true Self Health book 🌿

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