As a kid I remember my mum always correcting me, how I pronounced, how I spoke. And mum I love you so much for it. This moment was set to play a big initiation in my life.

I could have easily played the blame game, my younger self did get pissed off and annoyed, but now my wiser self understands the gift my mum gave me, the gift LIFE gave me, to remember my true Self and VOICE

This event in my story made me see the world as a place where being myself was not safe, I had to be what others wanted of me, I had to please others, I had to sound a certain way, 

THEN I anchored this suffering as a gift to grow, to come home to me, it broke me open, it opened my heart🤍I SAW TRUTH👁

This part of my story taught me so much, say it with my Sister👯‍♂️

I am safe to be me

I am safe to speak my truth 

I am safe to be different 

I am not here to please everyone, 

especially not my family

I am FREE to be me 

I am here to stand in my truth knowing I am enough exactly as I AM

I trust myself

I trust my voice 

I trust my decisions 

This shaped a powerful direction in my life, the thyroid is our centre of transforming that lower conditioned self into a higher limitless self, this journey taught me we are limitless beings, we can overcome anything when we put a balanced heart and mind to it Beauty!

A huge part of the work I do in the world is to give others permission to follow and voice their truth, to say yes to you, to know what you stand for and honour the heart, physical purification showed me the way through🫐

I stopped giving my power away to the experience and saw it as a gift to rise transform heal my body. the song of truth🎶

You are in charge of your health your body your life your decisions, chose wisely dear heart, your happiness your well-being your freedom depends on YOUR choices

Be with YOU🧘🏻‍♀️

Sit with your throat today🦋

Breath deep prana life force🫀

Be present🌳

Feel your unlimited Self🌏

Feel your TRUTH💚

And OWN it Beautiful!🔥👙💋

Choose your TRUTH love.


So much love,

Arianna ❤️

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