Get ready for my serious passion on this topic!!

I was reading an article the other day and it was questioning nature, questioning the natural rhythms of life, questioning your bodies ability to heal, questioning the power of a natural approach to healing your Thyroid!

…Making out that Thyroid medication is often the only way!!!

I disagree strongly, not just because I have absolute faith in the natural way, but because I’ve seen women turn decades of struggle around in a few short week with a natural approach, myself being 1 of the many.

Medication suppress’s your symptoms, which doesn’t mean that you’ve healed, or that you are cured, or that your body is fit, happy and healthy, or that you are getting what you need, it means that your symptoms have been pushed further into you, deep into your bodies layers, into your cells, where disease will continue to grow.

Suppression means more pain for you, thyroid medication can lead to alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease, because you aren’t healing what needs healing, the body is being ignored and metaphorically told to – “shut up”.

I am not judging you for taking the medication, if I didn’t know better, or hadn’t been properly educated, studying and researching for years on Health, the body, and what hypothyroid-hashimotos actually means, I would do exactly the same.

The fear, worry, anxiety – it hits you, and you just want to be well and get answers, you want a solution, I get it, and I hear you SO clearly, I’ve been there, and this is why I am so passionate about supporting others into vibrant Health by healing naturally.

Medication means you are giving away your precious power, and signing up for more disease, something modern medicine never tell you, so I am, and I say it out of love for your precious life and body.

A lady came to me after being on levothyroxine for nearly 15 years, for hashimotos, the doctors said after 5 years of taking meds you will have to stay on them, as your Body will become dependent,


She started my 12 week program, after 9 weeks all 11 symptoms had gone, and in 6 months she was off all her medication, as she got the expert guidance and support she needed to get their, and didn’t have to work it all out alone, held by a women who’s also been there.
– Passion & excitement for life returned
– A healthy libido
– New energy & happiness
– More confidence
– A power & strength settled in
*Just a few of the positive shifts.

What was her magic ingredient –

She had faith she could do it, she took inspired action, and she invested in herself, these 3 ingredients = FREEDOM, energy, happiness, and you back on best form!

The truth will set you free, and the truth is in you, how much do you want Body and life freedom, what would this mean to you, how would your life be different if you healed your thyroid fully and naturally and got off your meds, freeing yourself to Thrive.

What’s your truth? … struggle, fatigue, hair loss, bloating, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, pain, no libido, no drive …
Or to be FREE, with boundless energy, confident, motivated, in your power, full of passion, feeling lighter and brighter?

Written By Arianna Aunon