we’re made of about 70% water. 

imagine Beauty, a dirty pond, the water in your body, it’s had all that coffee alcohol fake sugar meat dairy processed foods medication going in for years even decades

can you see through to the bottom of that pond, NO WAY … no wonder why we get to a point in life where we can’t get clear can’t get to the root of things keep spinning confused frustrated stagnant energy 

THAT INNER WATER SYSTEM needs a good clean up, just like you clean a pool, so it’s fit to swim and enjoy in, you wouldn’t enjoy a sluggy pool, same with your body, clean it so it’s fit to play and enjoy life in

Cleansing your inner waters is also cleansing your emotional body, water = emotional the feminine energy, so this is also a reset and rejuvenation on your emotional life, realigning your energy to trust grace love nourishment honouring your inner rhythms 

balancing your flow your feeling your healing✨

this is one super positive step towards shedding that excess weight for good, keeping it off and enjoying your body, feeling at peace in your clothes in yourself, rising back into love with all of you dear heart 

so, question is, when did you last cleanse your inner waters? …they’ll be impacting 70% of your health results 

Take charge my beauty! 

🌿Cleanse cell deep to CLARITY

💧Reset those emotions to PEACE 

🍉Reveal the secret to accelerate FORWARD

🔥Reclaim your most VIBRANT BODY 

👙💎👙Crystal clear body to FREEDOM 

You can heal it all love.

You are your own healer. 

You are your own doctor.

You make the decisions!

…this is sovereignty health. 

Get started with my book The Body Awakening 💋

Love you!❤️