Ok let me explain here, sounds weird right?! creating your beautiful life and mucus, well since diving deep into this body, I’ve found out mucus is a big issue!

Firstly, if you’re carrying excess weight, you’re carrying unwanted mucus, and that mucus, just so you’re aware has huge impact on your hormones happiness clarity fitness and connection to higher frequencies, and even higher intuition and psychic abilities you hold as a high-priestess (YES to unlocking more super powers!) 

Own it! awaken more of you. It’s time to ACTIVATE your highest template. and embody your full potential 

So, that mucus impacts your spleen and stomach, key for digestive flow and processing and lymphatic clearing, both needed healthy for energy levels weight management hormone balance to feel inner peace and self-worth, to ground your beautiful life HERE NOW

…and that mucus build-up clogs up your clarity flow purpose creativity, keeps you stagnating in the past in lower frequency’s pain struggle trauma fear insecurities habits old programs and paradigms .. NOT what you’re here for, clear it out let it go, Aho SistAr!

WHEN powerful Woman! You get to reclaim your Beautiful life, through reclaiming taking charge over your health your body your organs, your organs run your life, if they’re not happy clean alkalized de-mucused, nor are you!

…and ALL this CAN change, and it doesn’t have to take long or be hard, using The Body Awakening Reset Method we support you to heal and come home with more ease and grace, a gentle loving approach Home to your true balanced joyful free sexy Self  

How about your mucus? have you ever thought about how it’s affecting your body, after clearing my body of mucus, well Beauty, it’s a total FREEDOM awakening in this temple, and results that sustain!

Get started with my true Self Health Book (link in bio) clear proven steps to lose weight get energised and feel liberated in your feminine body now. 

Stay connected love!

Arianna Health Goddess❤️