(YES my breakfast was once 😷 gluten free vegan muffins, bagels, polenta with cooked tomato, salt, sugar, oil at 8am!!!) oh how I’ve changed, and woken UP – PHEW😅

Yesterday I was at a rooftop pool sunbathing after kundalini whilst currently 18hrs into a 2.5day dry fast, no food, no liquids,

I was looking at the women around me, all different shapes and sizes, and all I see is beauty, magnificence, goddess’s, queens,

But so much is hidden under the weight, the words of fear, the emotional eating of junk foods, the talk of anxiety, the negativity, the body pain I hear (which was also me for over decade!)

Eating 95% raw for the last 4 months has showed me SO much freedom on so many levels

I never realized how cooked food is such toxin to the human body
as I’ve unattached from cooked foods – I’ve also unattached from attaching to people material goods the drama excuses the habits and patterns – and even fear

It’s either passing pleasure
or a blissful existence,
you get to choose

I choose a blissful existence rather then indulgence and it’s attachments

I feel so much more love in my life, and it comes from me to me I’m not seeking it from another (which I did for years!)

💕Be the love you seek
You are the love you seek💕

I’m not living the usual raw life of feasting on loads of nuts seeds cacao avocado raw cakes dehydrated foods oils spices, this way of raw doesn’t work for the human body and it can’t heal this way,

Stimulants cause chaos and obstruction 🍫🥓🍣🍪🍷☕️🍾🌶

Fats suppress feeling and freedom 🍳🧀🥜🍔🍟🍩🍨🍺

I’m living and teaching a mucus free & lean way, which works in harmony with the human body so it can heal and regenerate at a cellular level (I found out this is where the real body freedom Is!!)

Overloading the body with fats whether they’re raw or not I’ve found makes me feel heavy sluggish foggy
sometimes like I even have a hangover, the body knows and it always tells us through feeling – LISTENING to our body is a gift, not a chore

I feel totally detached
I feel totally free

Cellular regeneration has taken me to:

💕A deep Acceptance of life and myself
👯I feel so connected to people even if I don’t know them or talk to them, I feel so much oneness
👗So much confidence, faith & presence
🙏Inner peace like never before
🔥Detachment so Liberation
🌈Bountiful joy emanating out of my body and skin – LIGHT
💃🏻Rebirthing daily, as I shed what’s doesn’t serve me through cellular regeneration (I had a massive dead cockroach outside my apartment door the other morning, these are survives of radiation and all, a dead one means rebirth- big time)
💎Life coming to me, an ease and grace to life business – and everything actually

So much is within, yet for as long as it’s obstructed with cellular waste,
the bliss and freedom you’re here for – is not lived

Born free

Yet so many feel trapped in their body …

food was an emotional pollution that took over me and my life for over a decade,

To now be on the other side of this,
is the highest of life and body liberation

Do you feel attached to foods?

how would being free of this pollution in your life – free you?

Imagine for a moment if food didn’t control your life and you, how much more energy and freedom would you have?