So I decided to put on my floatiest white Ibiza dress with fluorescent pink pompoms, sandals, and my summer leather jacket and I meandered down to Whole Foods,

Guided to shot bottles of potent Chaga mushroom, the miracle mushroom
with the highest concentration of melanin supporting our production of melatonin,
it protects our DNA, boosts immunity, an immunomodulator, pathogen neutralizer, slows tumor growth, heals the gut, activated our pineal gland, opens us up to more spiritual awareness, and it’s a beautifier, anti-aging from the inside out, THE ONLY WAY.

I drank both shots, feeling wildly peaceful
even more connected grounded centred and such happy communication taking place between my precious hormones 🧬

I wondered to my favorite spot under a giant conker tree🌳the tree of abundance yielding fruition change, the message of,

“Are you ready?”

We can continue to be controlled by the system the mind the past
the programming, the BS,
we can break free and do it our own way … consciously wide awake …

I’ve spent at least 2 hours with my bare-feet on the earth today, I choose my wellbeing!! NOT the system!… body and earth are one🌏

How do you choose to come out the other side of this? … healthier happier more liberated stronger clearer, because this is what’s truly possible if we listen to our body and our calling, right now

It’s a potent time, and it’s being offered up for us to take a good look at what we’ve been ignoring, yep, I’ve been going there too …

Shifting rising transcending transforming awakening, consciousness and love

Do you settle for control,
or do you choose freedom, and to set yourself free

What will it be love?

Liberating love and beauty to you all!

Arianna x

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Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert 

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