Sat here in the Spanish mountains on a mini 5 day fruit and herb cellular detox, just started a 36hr dry fast, mesmerized by the beauty of epic nature 🌿 looking out at the sunsetting on the horizon🌅

contemplating this wild journey called life and the regeneration of the human body

The last 6 months I’ve been deep in the journey of rebuilding my whole body, by this I mean I’ve been repairing shedding and regenerating every cell in my body through – high fruit eating (especially melons, berries, grapes, mangos, papaya, oranges) living/eating mucus free/lean, dry fasting, breath work, wild craft botanicals, singing, chanting, dancing, kundalini, contemplation and more…

🌈a shedding of so many layers of untruths
🌈a coming deeply home to my heart, my universe
🌈a return to deep inner peace
🌈a belonging in my body like never experienced before
🌈present free detached and awake

Whenever I detoxed I would always loss so much weight as I had big malabsorption problems and burnet out adrenals,
finally I have corrected this imbalance and now I feel my body is deeply reseting as I’ve cleaned out so much cellular waste #nextlevelpureliving

finally my body can breath and regenerate, this feels amazing!🌸

If you don’t loss weight quickly whilst detoxing it tells you your body is heavy in mucus,

where as those of us that loss it quickly have high uric acid in our body (parasites love this environment!) – and I’ve removed many over the last 6 months,

I went live today here at Arianna Aunon on ‘Why you’re going round in circles with your health’- I did for over a decade!

We’ve all been feed a big fat protein eggy buttery carb oily cooked lie,

so that we stay suppressed and sick and conditioned

still I hear people say you can heal your body on acidic foods
its totally unconscious and a total lie

Acidic foods aren’t even alive
so how can they heal us

Dead food doesn’t heal

Living alkaline alive conscious magnetic food heals us and awakens us

I also use to think we could heal with some acidic foods still going in
I’ve found out that the human body can’t, acidic food means obstruction,
obstruction means-
toxic build up,

there’s a beautiful journey to transition to a life of bliss and liberation in your body,
the journey that we’re all here for-

Appreciate yourself
Love yourself
Be the centre of your universe
Enjoy the beauty of who you are
Set a solid foundation around food
Live liberated and at peace in your body


The Body Awakening Ibiza (to be seen in Vogue next month)