Healthy is going multiply times a day, if the body is not eliminating daily toxicity its recirculating the past the old the habits the patterns the limitations, it stops us moving forward in life

Are you feeling stuck? old emotional habits won’t shift? keep falling back into old patterns? brain fog? tired? craving stimulants?

I was constipated for my entire childhood, into my teens and beyond, this lead to huge self-sabotage, commitment issues, letting the past control my life and the way I felt in my body, and feeling unable to access my authentic self which lead to lack of trust respect and love for myself 

I was then eating lots of fried cooked heavy food drinking smoking night shifts drugs, abusing my body, this was then all added on top of my already sick liver, imagine the toxicity, its causes havoc if you don’t get it out … leading to all kinds of physical emotional mental dis—ease

Constipation is linked to hormone health-hormones link to liver toxicity, PMS, thyroid health in a big way, your moods, your emotions, cravings, energy, your clarity of thought, your embodiment of the authentic alive free confident you! Everything is connected🗝

Our liver is one of our receiving organs, along with the heart and gut, if it’s blocked up with waste, which 99% are, receiving, the feminine flow ease grace effortlessness gets blocked-up, and you think sometimes wrong with you your business your creations, when a big part of it is your toxic liver needs clearing, oh the space it opens up and grace it lets in

Once I started focusing on my detox pathways especially my liver kidney’s digestive health so much transformed, energy clarity liberation authenticity, the true-Self began awakening, I started to love myself so deeply and truly, trust and respect myself on a whole other level, freedom and love become one💓

Imagine embodying your true-Self and seeing your aliveness blossom Beauty. Imagine that inner peace supporting you day to day. Imagine your clarity of mind opening up your heart, relationships and creativity. Are you ready for this Beautiful?

…the journey home to self-love is through a pure body, you have to go inside and clean all that waste out so you can experience the true authentic powerful you🌸

Here at Arianna Aunon, The Body Awakening we get to the root of all dis—ease and support you to embody true health aliveness clarity freedom and peace, and live true to your powerful feminine heart.

Arianna xx