A morning of total divineconnection to source, to the source within me, and all around me,
yesterday I saw a post raising awareness on mental health, a share it post, I did,
as I felt it …
There was a time back during my teens and twenties I went through extreme mental health; an eating disorder severe social anxiety, I feared myself so much, but I found a way to escape, to numb myself,

I didn’t know this would make it worse-
I’ve had the most precious morning all to me, self love self care at its deepest, diving into all the tools I have created received gathered and experimented with over my long journey of self discovery healing and awakening,

Leaving the park this morning my soul, my body was like, I want to dance, my mind was like, what, everyone’s going to look at you, even though I had done it before, yep the voices are there, but knowing the mind is a program and not who I truly am, I honored my soul, and the magic unfolded, I put some special tunes on (listed a few for you below, so healing right now!) and I moved my body,

I moved my hips, I smiled at the earth the sun the sky, yep people were staring, I smiled even more, as I could feel their longing to just let go and shake their hips and not give a fuck, but we have been so programmed to fear judgment, ‘oh what will they think of me’ ‘I’ll be punished if I let go and enjoy myself’ ‘I’ll be an outcast’ ‘I must conform to fit in’ …

I felt their longing to let go and come home to their soul to their inner knowing their truth of source, then a dog came over and started dancing with me 🐶 it was so so sweet, the owner was nearly in tears, so adorable, she felt me, she felt my connection, animals feel so much, and since eating to the rhythms of nature and reconnecting to my heart, the connection is even stronger, then a little girl walked past with her dad, she stopped looked smiled and started moving, I said ‘hey’ and she smiled and wiggled, so sweet,

When we let go and get out of our own way, we shine a light so bright, that resides within us all, that is felt by all,
pure love universal love, oneness,

I danced some more and then sang to the earth the sun the sky the birds for my soul, we all have this inner strength this inner fire to heal to nourish to become the best we can be,
It takes committed determination and support, I would not be where I am in my physical mental emotional spiritual health without the support coaches mentors healers I invested in, not because we need to look outside ourselves to heal, we heal from within, but we need tools and guidance to accelerate that process, which I have found so so many,

we are all teachers for each other, guiding each other home, one of my biggest mistakes for a long time, was thinking I knew it all, I can do it alone, there’s the mind,
the heart❤️ is open available receptive to receive the sacred service from another,
it’s beauty it’s art it’s consciousness

Feel the fear, because she’ll always be there, trying to keep us in the same safe place, but nothing happens there, feel it and do it anyway,

change is safe support is safe healing is safe the unknown is safe and so liberating!

What have you been resisting? … as we know, what we resist persists.

some music for you;
Heal This Land ~ Tina Malia
Prophecy ~ Mose, Nalini Blossom
Agus de Estrella’s ~ Happy Banda, Ravi Ramoneda

So much love love love always

Arianna x


Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert

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