Now Beautiful, I use to think this too, well I just thought, “well my body has that sorted so I don’t need to think about that”… not true 

You do need to think about it. 

You need to really understand it. 

Look at it like this, this is what totally shifted my mindset … and got me and my clients well healthy glowing flowing clear and free in this sensual feminine temple🌸

1. the detox pathways can ONLY function optimally if they are being supported at a cellular level, green juices don’t do it!

2. most people’s livers are overloaded with medication and oral contraceptive hormones (toxic estrogen overload)

3. an acidic body affects your liver like this – tired heavy often underlying anger feeling stressed self-criticising low self-worth as connects to spleen/lymphatic health (inner sewage system)

4. this body never imagined it would have to deal with the level of toxicity on our planet; in our food water pills phones movies schools

5. you’re in charge, what goes in, what comes out, this is the key …Love your Liver, liver-mind-heart are all one, so your liver health affects your mind, your heart and connection to others (I feel the liver is the relationship organ💋)

How do you feel your Livers functioning? have you ever really focused on cleaning your liver? do you have excess weight? are you tired, unclear? do you often feel irritated, triggered, stressed? 

Are you ready to feel clarity peace freedom a lightness?

Heal your liver.

You awaken ALIVENESS.

the way this body works functions runs, is how your outer life will be going, imagine your body is everything, it’s where you soul lives, everything in you is impacting your life health relationships results feeling to love…

I know you have the power to make it happen, to lose that stubborn weight to reclaim your self-love journey, to feel peace within — change inside change outside, keep it simple, and BELIEVE IN YOU.

Affirm: I AM Self-Belief

Love you!


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