Commitment to your health and body

For so long I had commitment issues,

I realized if I couldn’t commit to myself, then who or what could I commit too
very very little,

and when I thought I was committed,
I was just running my own story of it,
of what I had learnt as a child,
which wasn’t commitment
the total opposite,

I longed to feel anchored in myself
to love myself, to be certain in myself

True commitment changed everything,
it ended up not be the scary thing I thought it was, had learnt it was,
but freedom instead

I had to relearn it
I had to practise it
I had to keep going
Until I embodied it

Commitment didn’t mean giving up everything I loved or enjoyed,

it made me connect more deeply to my passions purpose creativity and joy

to our natural state of bliss

True commitment has become my biggest liberation,
and a huge part of my healing journey,
without it,
I would still be sick and lost

It’s your biggest freedom too

When we allow and honor ourself
our vision, the health of our body and life
to flourish to heal to get the support it needs
and to respect that,
and listen to that

Here everything changes

The Body you live in
gets to be your sacred home
Always your home
No longer do you feel alone afraid wanting to runaway feeling off balance stressed worried anxious in yourself,

because you are home
In your heart
In your healthy body

Tending to your sacred body
Is tending to your sacred life

No Body attention
No Life freedom

Everything begins and ends in the body
at a cellular level
deep within your organs
everything is stored
your emotions habits patterns behaviors toxins
your happiness clarity confidence and peace

the BODY is your medicine

with commitment
with plant foods
with allowing yourself to be
heard and seen
with tending to your lifestyle
being tuned into natures rhythms

to witness the truth
to heal it

Everything is shifted
Everything awakens

and commitment becomes this absolute blessing of joy that is here to support your every move, to empower you, to heal you

without commitment nothing happens,
with it, everything happens,

True self love and body freedom
Come from acceptance and commitment
To take action on your health and vision

and from this place,
liberation is ignited.

What will you commit to today that you’ve been putting off?

Love you!

Arianna x

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Photo at GreenPoint Cusco by Adriana Peralta