Hey lovely,

My final message before we enter a new year the year of true ‘freedom’ it’s being tagged as, I believe we get to chose our freedom in every moment, when I was told I would need medication for my underactive thyroid nearly 10 years ago now, I chose freedom in that moment, I chose to say ‘No’ and to find a real way- a natural way, and I am not judging anyone on medication, I know that need for relief 

I learnt how medication vaccinations fad diets synthetic supplements are all fake relief, none of them give us true health, they keep humanity spinning sick and frustrated

A loved one told me recently how she went to the doctors to get her bloods done and had her results torn up in front of her, by the doctor, and was told, that she could not help her, wow, I feel so much compassion for these doctors that have been lead to believe they are helping with medication, when actually it’s just making the body sicker and creating more toxicity 

… what a sign, it’s time to choose natures way … nature is calling us all home now … home to the truth … the body needs love and nourishment, not chemicals

its our final full moon of the year today, in Cancer, my zodiac, this year has taught me to self-love even more to self-care even more to nurture even more to listen to my BODY even more to listen to my HEART even more to listen to my inner intuitive KNOWING even more, all Cancer vibes

what has this year taught you about life your body you? 

what’s your body saying right now? 

what does she need right now?

I felt in my early teens that the medical route was no route, not for health

I felt that nature shows us the truth, change is our nature, and change is safe, we are safe to let go of the old and embrace the new … 

I felt that the unknown is actually not scary, its freedom

I felt that fear … is safe, we are lead to fear fear so much, it’s just an emotion a feeling, when I started to just feel it be with it talk to it, and not be scared of it anymore, I took my power back, no longer did fear run my life, AND my heart took front seat and guided me home through purifying my body, resetting my hormones and healing my gut and detox pathways, cell deep 

I felt LOVE really is the core of everything, when we love even deeper and that starts with Self, with YOU, we come home even deeper to our truth of freedom of health of joy of confidence in this body temple

I hear you.

I see you.

I feel you.

I love you.

The age of separation is crumbling and unity oneness is awakening, I am here to inspire your journey as much as you inspire me with your courage to say yes to you and to rise into your sacred holy truth that is you absolutely deserve and are worthy of feeling your absolute best

Look we all get to choose our reality, here is empowerment, there is no such thing as a victim ever ever ever, unless that individual chooses to be victim to their circumstances

I align myself to thoughts of infinite love for myself and others, my mantra right now, what you do be think feel impacts the whole, and what I do does the same …

The natural tendency of the universe is to improve all things … the universe loves and cares for you, when things are crazy for me, I always remember, it’s all happening for me, not to me 

Your journey with Health is exactly the same, it’s showing you an opening to remember how strong and courageous and knowing you are, you know, trust that, trust your body, trust her sacred voice and get still with your heart, breath beauty!

Trust what you dream in your heart trust its real, because God source love the universe would not allow you to feel it or think it unless it was possible, anything is possible

The hormones weight gain exhaustion cravings digestive upset brain fog wild emotions, it’s not your fault, you’re human, it’s ok love, but you have to listen to your body, she’ll do her best to keep you healthy vital glowing energised clear aligned, but its team work, you both have to be on the same page … remember you are not just human, you are divine too, your are Goddess 

You are so powerful, and our biggest Revolution right now, is to self-love even more, through cleaning our body mind emotions, this action is the most noble of all, what we do for ourselves we do for others, we lift and rise together, self-love is NOT selfish its pure truth and a must for all beings to live in peace with each other 

The Update right now, you are free, you are born free and you get to choose your life your health, the biggest game changer in my life was plant nutrition and cellular detox, clearing parasites mucus heavy metals vaccination toxicity acidity in my body – here I found my freedom real vibrant liberated enlightened health on all levels of my being, and so have many others

 … I go into all of this in my new ebook The Body Awakening, the “WAY” of the true-Self …

There is always a way, and that way is through you listening to your heart calling you to your next step, you know, trust this, and trust life, and see the magic of your body heal and vibrant health unfold

Sending you so much love & peace,