Telling you the body is going into a mild cleanse because it’s full of so much built up waste

We all have different amounts of toxicity, depending on what you’re life has been like what
you’ve allowed into your body (check yesterday’s post – What’s your level of toxicity?)

And why covid flu cold vaccinations are a total agenda because there is nothing to kill wipe out,

all vaccinations are a lie, it requires transformation of the inner terrain, germ theory is long over
all you have to do is clean your body, cleanse, detox eat consciously and start making your
health a sacred priority, because you matter!!

Simply. this. you get to choose everyday.

No one is making you do anything.
you either allow it or you don’t.

Stand sovereign Sister. Be bold.
Embody your holy truth of liberation.
I love you and stand with you, always!♥🌏🔥