I received a voice note from a client yesterday, saying she had released a 30cm parasite from her body, she said it was more like a snake 😷I was listening whilst walking to the organic food shop, punching a YES up to the sky

(Gross pictures alert below😱🤢🐛, but it’s all oh so real, we can hide from it ignore it or get it out and heal it, and live free)

I know it’s freaky, but there’s huge freedom for you on this journey!

It’s simply a choice.

She had been wondering why her weight wasn’t shifting, and why she had lost it in the past and then put it all back on, well here we go Lovely,

the toxins in the body cause huge disruption to how the body heals …

the toxins have to be shifted to get permanent results and a foundation of nutrition be set prior and post, as it’s the shift in how food is used that allows these parasites to leave the body, and the bodies frequency to reset

Using food to cleanse and eliminate, alkalizing the body at a cellular level

A body that is getting cleaner and clearer can’t host parasites for much long,

AND, we ALL have them,
could it be parasites that’s been causing your symptoms weight gain chaotic hormones sluggishness brain fog bloat, health struggles?

It’s also about what these do in the body;
– release/ produce uric acid (damaging our kidneys and liver and hormones)
– they feed off our nutrition
– they feed you negative thoughts
– they control your food choices
– they zap your power
– they disrupt the entire body and organs
– they crave carbs sugar fat
– they lay eggs …and this all leads to many imbalances aging digestive issues hormones off weight issues low energy unhealthy food habits emotions up and down
– mind-body-soul imbalances

At the end of last year my client had some testing done privately and there was no parasite mentioned –
what a surprise, actually not,
parasites are nearly ALWAYS missed and why they are a major contributor to weight gain exhaustion thyroid issue hormonal imbalance bloating all digestive upsets headaches cravings aging

See how we can let a certain test take away
our power to choose
our power to connect to our body
and tune-in,
“oh it says I’m fine, so maybe I just need to exercise more???” I remember hearing this,
exercise is amazing for us and very important, but it doesn’t give us health,
it adds to our wellbeing,
but doesn’t heal the body.

To clean the body at this level means living a health unimaginable to most,
actually a life – a whole new frequency of creation is birthed,

as you clear the cellular acidic waste parasites mucus out of the body,

the body can heal properly, hydrate and return all functions and systems to a vibrant healthy optimal state of BEing,

3 Tips to get going on this-

1. starting eating more alkaline plant foods and reducing all acid forming foods
2. eat 5 dates daily
3. affirm taking your power back and doing the energetic work around this

It’s a rebirth, pressing the biggest internal
Reset button you can find,

It’s here the body gets to preserve youth and vitality
and you get to see your body turn back time, reverse aging,
radiant light glowing free freedom in your self
trusting so much more
expressing so much more
from a place of clarity and confidence

How would feeling this way-living this way enhance your relationships business creation love entire life?

It’s possible
It’s waiting for you Gorgeous💕

I’m always Super excited for your healing journey!!