So many don’t want to talk about them,
‘we’re not in a third world country so how can I have them’. Think again.

Parasites are everywhere … they’re a major cause of so much discomfort and dis-ease, and clearing them can be the missing link to so many health struggles, especially thyroid gut brain emotions cravings hormonal stuff anxiety stress negative thoughts

I was talking to my dad about enemas and parasites, as a kid growing up in the 1940/50’s in the mountains of Spain his mum used herbs from the land and regular enemas to cleanse …

Why has this stopped and become something so many fear, or think is crazy?

It’s crazy not to parasite cleanse, regularly, if I had known this I would have got my health and life back so much quicker!

Simply. The external drama distracts us,
it makes us forget what’s going on inside,
the answers have always been inside you Beauty …

Do you crave sugar carbs, caffeine fatty foods?
Do you feel tired, exhausted, sluggish?
Do you have excess weight you’d rather not have?
Do you get brain fog dizziness, forget?
Do you feel confused, depleted, stressed?
Do you have a thyroid weakness?
Do you have pain in your body?

Ignorance is not bliss,
it’s unnecessary struggle love
that you have not been born for!

You deserve to live your bliss of ease and calm, in a happy healthy holy body, and it’s available.

You are so powerful – know this.

How to heal parasites properly?

🌿Your internal terrain has to be transformed to an alkaline light environment – MUST! Otherwise they just keep returning, so do the symptoms

…living joy and freedom is on the other side!🙌🏻

You can feel huge energy shifts and rapidly-
Imagine feeling- clear strong grounded embodied peaceful confident healthy calm energized…

I’ve been here and got myself out, so can you love, and you maintain the body freedom health happiness you desire💕

PS. Photo-magical medicinal Aloe for gut health parasites protecting you from radiation + so much more, I often eat a fresh chunk💋